Friday, October 31, 2008

October Review

Didnt play today, too busy. Final tally = £16,482 (incs £2900 from ept-->cpc package) and also a $2500 offline package.

Best month since February and best actual cash profits for 3 years. Also by a mile best month where cash profit solely from cash games and not mtts. I toned down the hi lo, most of my games were just omaha and i know im playing my best ever at that. More importantly i enjoy it more than i have for a long time whilst still seeing it as a challenge. I havent been as complacent this month, i havent tilted as much (not perfect though) and im learning finally to cope with the variance on a daily basis.

Sounds too easy, it aint and i know i have to put same effort in each session regardless of previous results. Looking forward to warmer weather more than anything in November and anything from poker is a bonus. If i dont donate back i need about £12,000 from the last 2 months to make it my best year ever. Another stat for the books, i started keeping poker records exactly four years ago and i can see that over that time ive averaged just over £1000 a week :)) Gonna celebrate tommorrow :))

More Days In October Please

Another highly successful day. All omaha 2/4 and 3/6, tiny bit of 5/10 hardly worth mentioning. Won about £1000 this afternoon and about £1500 tonight. Have put in a fair few hours today compared to the other days but still nothing exhausting by any means. Anyway felt i was getting complacent so despite being wide awake ive stopped for the night. Monthly tally obviously reached another high, if i play tommorrow it wont be much as out for evening.

October currently stands up there as almost as good a month as my best month February when i won 2 EPT packages and about £10k in cash. Mind you i have cashed in £2900 from one of those EPT packages into this months profit for the CPC so i guess not quite as good as February yet.

Now got ideas of getting my best ever years profit but would need to have a couple of steady months in November and December or a big win. Steady isnt really a word i would use to describe my profits this month so have to wait and see what November brings first.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Long Now

End of month and another trip away, much needed now the weather has gone so shitty.

Monday and Tuesday i only played an hour ish a day and made £200 and £400 respectively.

Today was a tale of 2 sessions. This afternoon i was golden and couldnt miss a thing, so easy when u getting the luck as well. Made about £2700 in the end in under 2 hours play.
This evening though i donated back, didnt play too bad just set ups and averaging out of the luck i had earlier in the day. Worst one was a $900 pot just before i stopped where i flopped the nut flush when i had raised to $45 pre on the button of a 9 handed 3/6 table with AQ35 dbl suited. I then got disconnected by the site. Managed to log back in with 10 seconds and just in time to see pot of $250 being bet at me. Anyway turns out he has 2nd nut flush but runner runner comes for the full house. Figured this pisstake was a good time to stop. Lost £1000 in total in evening, so "only" £1700 up on the day :( :)

All the last 3 days play was omaha and omaha hi lo 2/4 up to 5/10 . Ive stayed off the bigger tables for now. Ive also received the cash credit of my package so that has boosted my months profit even further. I had considered some sort of structured bankroll technique to help be more disciplined and stay at the right omaha levels but im not sure if i will use it especially now as im gonna be away playing as much live as online soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My First (Hopefully Not Last) Sponsorship

Just won a 19 player win only $5000 package freeroll. Nah i lie got HU and did a deal with even stacks for $2500 sponsorship package each. Basically on 70% but if was lucky enough to come top 3 in the live event a significant amount gets reinvested back in me. Sounds more impressive to say im sponsored anyway :)) even if its likely to be only one event.

Managed to lose all the preflop allins to win it though :( before the deal.

KJ vs 33 / 96 vs A3 / A4 vs K3 / AK vs Q9

Did win one allin preflop to stay in after the first 3 allins AJ vs A3. Oh and of course i won the allin with J5 after we had done a deal as well as flopping trips the hand b4 when still discussing the deal. Still im happy enough and it will buy me into a GUKPT event next year. Cash Profit is at peak for the month and hopefully will peak further. All is good, well apart from the mindblowing hangover ive still got :(

Another Drunk Weekend Escape

Plastered last night. Apparantly i was last on the dance floor going nuts to Rhianna's Disturbia, dont remember any of that.

Loaded up the laptop today hoping poker balances were intact as there was a fair bit of memory loss. Fortunately they were, i didnt play at all.

Did a short burst on 2/4$ omaha today though and held for a $1200 pot just before leaving. KJxx vs QJ109 vs J5xx on a KJ5 board. Too hungover for any lengthy play although i am playing a $5000 freeroll now, may update later if successful or annoyed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Go On The Swings

Wasnt hungover and fancied some high stuff again. Got well unlucky to begin with gettin rivered on a couple of $1k-$2k pots on 10/20 hi and hi/lo . Ended up losing £4000 at worst low after losing $1000 on 25/50 first hand. Moved to another 25/50 hu table with last $1000 and managed to spin it up to $8000 so ended up £1000 up on the afternoon.

God knows if i play later drunk what stakes ill be on..........eeeeeeeeeekk

Drunk High Stakes, Part 1 ???

Bust one account for £1600 fairly quickly on omaha errrr think on 5/10 could been 10/20 was fairly drunk then. Sobered up a bit after so can remember spinning $800 up to $5000 on another site on 10/20. Also lost $1600 on another site before sitting on 25/50 omaha (yeh my highest omaha stake to date) with my last $1000. Bust that quick and deposit another $1500 in and ended up leaving with $5000, table was unexpectly very weak. It did get better and bigger stacked and i left then as knew wasnt as much of an edge. Was also 6 handed then and most my profit came from 3 handed stuff so good time to leave. In end about + £2400 in total if calculations correct.

Mayb hav to do more withdrawals before 2moz night to limit any potential losses although worryingly (but thankfully tonight) i did deposit £650 which when im drunk is unheard of for me. Not a habit i want to get into for sure, dodgy as heck imo.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sober High Stakes

Made a bit this afternoon and went back just after 9pm tonight. Had no intent to play high but saw a soft 10/20 omaha game going and couldnt resist. I think i played damn well but again as always happens when i venture into the higher stakes the variance kicks me in the teeth. Anyways basically i was steadily making profit by avoiding allins and taking pots uncontested in the main. Then lose these within quick succession :

AAQ9 dbl suited $2k vs AA10,8 dbl suited $2k vs 8755 no suits $1.5k a $5500 pot gone. 24% to win 24% to split. A10 gets a straight. I believe thats the biggest single pot ive been involved in, although know i had an JJ vs AK for approx £3k once before so would have to check.

Allin on a turn, matey drawing to 6 outs and hits for $1300....... so $1300 pot gone

50/50 where i raised, continuation bet was pot committed with ace high $500 into $2000 when checkraised. Turned out he on a draw and checked in odds calc was 50/ $2000 pot gone

Allin on turn again, matey about 7 outs for $900 and hits.

At this point, bearing in mind these were all in quick succession i went down almost £4000 for the session. Strangely enough though i wasnt on tilt and was itching to keep playing with my £1100 left in the site as felt i had a significant edge given how i and the table was playing. I managed to spin back to £2000 down for the session but just stayed around that stack for ages. Ended up clocking almost 4 hours in total, made a debatably bad call at the end though to finish £3300 down on the session and £2700 down on the day when i take earlier profit into account.

Sounds bad but really gave me a thirst for the higher stakes when my minds as clear and focused as it was tonight. As they say it aint about the profit its about getting it in on the right side of the odds so the profit takes care of itself in the long run.

Still over £3000 up for the month. Expecting a £3000 cash credit from a package any day now and also got $1000 bonus to cash in within the next few days. Playing well and enjoying the majority of it. Only concern right now is i will probably drink the next couple of nights and i just hope i dont go too mad if i fire up any cash tables in a state, just have to see i guess.


For gods sake that was supposed to be the end of the night. I went to one site to do a withdrawal and it blocked my account. I went to another site to do a withdrawal and ended up on 2/5 5/10 and 10/20 omaha, the middle one for 3.5hours !!! Basically lost another £3000 but then got lucky allin flush draw with last $1000 when i was gnna go to bed on 5/10. Fortunately i was golden after that and ended up leaving that site in profit for £500ish. Still wtf am i doing, god knows.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Nightmare session. Lost my head but didnt tilt, just got completely done over all night. Wish i hadnt played more as was up for 1st session today. New i wasnt feeling it but went back on anyway but still dont think i did much wrong.

One of them omaha sessions where the idiots get rewarded. Dumbest pot had to be on 2/4 hi lo when opponent called $300 preflop with KQJ10 with only $400 more behind. It went in on a AJ6ccc flop despite neither of us having clubs and my AKJ4 was no match despite blocking some of the dumb nutcases outs. That was the start of a major downfall which was just so sick.

£1850 down on the evening session = £1600 down for the day :((

Choose Day

Played almost 3 hours this afternoon and a couple more this evening, usual games.

This afternoon went well and i steadily seemed to increase in profit, all be it losing a couple of chunky pots which could have made it another crazy streak. Finished about £700 up.

Tonight though i definitely didnt play as well, picked some bad spots and didnt run that well either. Fortunately for me i ran really well on the one 5/10 table i opened up otherwise it would have been a horrendous session. Probably was down over £1000 at one point but recovered to £500 up before losing £400 in the end.

So £300 for the day, could be more could be less, unsure if im happy with that or not :) :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

For Your Eyes Only

GUKPT not much to talk about im afraid, in terms of poker anyway. Bust level one losing 30% of stack on a bluff and the other 70% 3 betting a flush draw and missing. Wasnt too bothered, although maybe that was my downfall that i was in for £800 yet i didnt seem to care that much.

Had a great time away though, fair few drinks on the Thursday then i drove to Bournemouth Friday afternoon (after busting) to visit Uni mates i havent seen for ages. (Yes Adrian as promised i will mention you on here) More drinks there before returning home Saturday and ended up out on the town again !

Sunday i maybe played online for 30-60mins and was level but wasnt feeling it so left it until today to get in some proper games.

I still may play some more tonight but ive put in several sessions today and had a very good run. 2/4 - 5/10 omaha and hi lo i think i peaked at about £3000 up. I lost a $3400 pot soon after though (was behind though when money went in) and stopped soon after. About £2100 up on the day if i dont play any more, guess i'll update if it changes but well chuffed for now anyway.

........................later update
100 more minutes and another £1000 nearly all on 2/4 omaha , good times.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time For A Break

Well 2 hours after the last post i hit the tables again determined to get some back. Got a few hundred back but then seemed to get outdrawn every time i had a chance to get more. This went on a while then i lost more than my share and tilted 1 or 2 decisions and was in a hole for another several hundred £

Fortunately not a bad end though as shut the hi lo tables and focused on 2 omaha 2/4 tables and opened a 5/10 to try spin up. Had a nice 30-60mins end to get out of jail. Ended up £400 up for the evening or £1300 down for the day.

Whicheva way u look at it im not mad now (although was when playing), and that seems a fair loss for the day ive had as a whole. Just glad its not more to be honest !

Thanet GUKPT next........ (tempted to leave laptop behind !)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not So Good

Yesterday went £500 up early then lost it back before finishing £200 up. Disappointed though as i know the big pots werent going my way, still good to be up at all given that.

Just had a complete nightmare session 1-2hrs where absolutely nothing went my way. Cold decked outdraws u name it and put big dent back in my monthly profit. Lost about £1700 but think there was only 1 pot i might have played differently if not starting to tilt but wasnt that bad anyway. Anyway shut down quick before tilting anything off, just another omaha swing i guess and i need to learn to cope with them.

Still well in profit and probably going gukpt tommorrow although not 100% yet, may still play later but def taking 1-2hrs break from the tables just now minimum, ARRRGGGGHHHH.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sicker Sessions

Didnt play Sat or Sun due to 10 hour drinking session :) and recovery :(

Sat down today and played less than an hour this afternoon and maybe 3-4hours tonight. Totally sick i was, couldnt lose a big pot at all today, just kept gettin shipped to me. Got my fair share of luck but also played well with betting and bluffing included.

To summarize i won about $400 on 10/20 pl omaha hi lo, about $800 at 1/2 pl omaha hi lo and the rest at 3/6 omaha and 2/4 omaha hi lo. Dont think i had a single losing table out of the 7 or 8 played. In total i think i made just over £3k which is nuts for the stakes i was at.

Nice when it seems that easy, be interesting to see if i donate back or play too high in the coming week or so following that session. GUKPT drive up Thursday provided this sore throat ive obtained doesnt get any worse and lookin forward to it as well as Vegas/cpc which is now under 3 weeks away :):)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boozy Tales

Won approx £1000 during a boozy session last night but then had some sick beats and lost it back, finished £50 up or sommat which is better than a loss anyway. I know i was playing well anyway which was the main thing.

Have to see about tonight, havent made a clear decision on drinkin as a bit rough from last night, time well tell !

Friday, October 10, 2008

Reverse Reverse

Bllx just had a 4 hour session where i was up a grand£ for 3hrs of it then it totally went backwards. Bust one account but was still well up on a fishy table on other site. Then the beats and set ups came, so sick, was about to go on tilt and maybe donate more but the donut took piss out of me so i told him he lost my tilt money and left.

Ended up £1300 down so i guess combine that with the nutty session earlier and only a £700 profit for the day but feels like a loss. Still unsure if im cut out to play so much omaha, think i should stick to hi lo for the next few days. Easier said than done though but i hate bad variance and struggle to cope often on any downswing.

Right onto more pressing matters, gonna take 50% on my 1 account with significant money in it out so i cant do my nuts on the whole balance drunk tommorrow, or sober :(

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sick Session

Hi lo action was pretty dead this afternoon so sat on 3/6 and 5/10 omaha instead. Lost about £800 on some nasty rivers before going into a major golden session. Played to top of my game too but draws hitting and hands holding up etc. Peaked at £3300 up before losing this pot below (approx £2400 pot i believe) . Shame but still hit more than my share:

5/10 OmahaGameTable (PL) - Thu Oct 09 11:51:35 EDT 2008
Table Table 135451 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: castof ( $2288.13)
Seat 2: Luiz0 ( $161)
Seat 3: HangaPanga ( $1514.24)
Seat 4: Roundhauskik ( $3817.50)
Seat 5: me ( $7604.90)
Seat 6: orangeland ( $1057)
Luiz0 posts small blind (5)
HangaPanga posts big blind (10)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ Qh, Ah, As, Td ]
Roundhauskik folds
me raises (35) to 35
orangeland folds
castof raises (120) to 120
Luiz0 folds
HangaPanga folds
me raises (340) to 375
castof calls (255)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6c, 9d, 4h ]
me bets (762)
castof raises (1913.13) to 1913.13
castof is all-In.
me calls (1151.13)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 5c ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Jd ]
Creating Main Pot with $4588.26 with castof
** Summary **
Main Pot: $4588.26 Rake: $3
Board: [ 6c 9d 4h 5c Jd ]
castof balance $4588.26, bet $2288.13, collected $4588.26, net +$2300.13 [ Jh Kc 8c 9h ]

Glad that came at end of session and left shortly after about £2000 up for the session.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


1 week into October and to say its been a rollercoaster already would be accurate. I peaked for less than 24hrs at £5000 profit but quickly donated back and dropped to £1300 before i played Monday. Monday i lost £1250 in less than an hour running as bad as i have in a short period.

So £60 up i sat down yesterday. Began on 5/10 hi lo and lost 4 x $4000 pots within 30mins, major fav and 3 x 40-60%ers so was in a hole for around £2000. Knew i wasnt tilting though so kept at it and after a mammoth 8hrs+ session i got that all back to finish about £1000 up.

Anyways im booked for Thanet GUKPT and head up there next Thursday for the £1060 event. Cant come quick enough, itching for some live games and a change from the routine and obviously when i get back its damn close to vegas/cpc trip so lots to look fwd to.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

MTT Night

Long time since i played a load of these at once. Entered 7 fairly biggish ones in end, think on 7 different sites actually !

Bust 4/7 without getting anywhere significant although i know i was mad with 2 of the busts at other people.

Left with 3 all fairly deep. Just bust 500 player one on a pot to hav gone 5th/125 ish 66 vs 97 on a 754flop with matey timing out to almost fold b4 calling and me missing :( Had been top 20 the whole game nearly so that one hurt a bit, especially after losing a couple of flips for chunky pots b4 that hand as well.

So 2 left, was top 10 of 1100 player $60 rebuy but been overraised couple times and laid down, tourney has so many overbettors and nutcases so could get big stack again or bust any time really. 25/57 at mo.

Other one is crypto 40k , 41/58 pays 40.

Obviously cashed in one above but i aint counted entry fees prob need £1000 just to break even tonight :) Update later below gl me ..........

Damn it flips unavoidable at such a deep stage when im playin for top prizes. JJ vs AQ to have gone joint 2nd/31 (1111 entrants) but out 31st for awful $600. To put that into contxt jumps were nout then 10th-18th get $1575 so v annoyed to be forced to flip and not ladder more. At end of day top 3 payouts were what i was after as all multis normally :( :(

Still on bubble in 40k only one left, hope to at least cash then see how my luck goes............

17/33 now survived bubble then won A10 vs K4 and AK vs 10s keep it coming................

Damn it mad again, AQ vs JJ (eg other way round from prima bust) and i lose. muppet trys a stop and go on me with jacks too wtf r these people on. Calls a reraise so im committed then tries to get me to fold unbelievable how bad some people r in these games that obv think they r good. 30th for £280 :(:(

Would took me to 7th ish/30 so mad livid and gutted all in one.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Urrrrrrrgh , hangovas, sooooooo rough def aint boozin 2nite :(

But did do 4 hours drunk poker last night and made shed load, god knws how lol.


Damn it lost it all back playin hungova :( Dumb animal fish

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sluggish Start

Just aint fancied putting in the time so far. Played tiny bit yesterday and a little bit more today, profit ok steady both days but motivation definitely lacking. Probably a day off tommorrow (unless i play some drunk) which may help but i think i need some sort of rake target or promotion to focus on similar to last months really.

Maybe look at a few diff skins or even a new network or 2 and see whats about sometime this week.