Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not So Good

Yesterday went £500 up early then lost it back before finishing £200 up. Disappointed though as i know the big pots werent going my way, still good to be up at all given that.

Just had a complete nightmare session 1-2hrs where absolutely nothing went my way. Cold decked outdraws u name it and put big dent back in my monthly profit. Lost about £1700 but think there was only 1 pot i might have played differently if not starting to tilt but wasnt that bad anyway. Anyway shut down quick before tilting anything off, just another omaha swing i guess and i need to learn to cope with them.

Still well in profit and probably going gukpt tommorrow although not 100% yet, may still play later but def taking 1-2hrs break from the tables just now minimum, ARRRGGGGHHHH.

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