Sunday, October 26, 2008

My First (Hopefully Not Last) Sponsorship

Just won a 19 player win only $5000 package freeroll. Nah i lie got HU and did a deal with even stacks for $2500 sponsorship package each. Basically on 70% but if was lucky enough to come top 3 in the live event a significant amount gets reinvested back in me. Sounds more impressive to say im sponsored anyway :)) even if its likely to be only one event.

Managed to lose all the preflop allins to win it though :( before the deal.

KJ vs 33 / 96 vs A3 / A4 vs K3 / AK vs Q9

Did win one allin preflop to stay in after the first 3 allins AJ vs A3. Oh and of course i won the allin with J5 after we had done a deal as well as flopping trips the hand b4 when still discussing the deal. Still im happy enough and it will buy me into a GUKPT event next year. Cash Profit is at peak for the month and hopefully will peak further. All is good, well apart from the mindblowing hangover ive still got :(

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