Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sicker Sessions

Didnt play Sat or Sun due to 10 hour drinking session :) and recovery :(

Sat down today and played less than an hour this afternoon and maybe 3-4hours tonight. Totally sick i was, couldnt lose a big pot at all today, just kept gettin shipped to me. Got my fair share of luck but also played well with betting and bluffing included.

To summarize i won about $400 on 10/20 pl omaha hi lo, about $800 at 1/2 pl omaha hi lo and the rest at 3/6 omaha and 2/4 omaha hi lo. Dont think i had a single losing table out of the 7 or 8 played. In total i think i made just over £3k which is nuts for the stakes i was at.

Nice when it seems that easy, be interesting to see if i donate back or play too high in the coming week or so following that session. GUKPT drive up Thursday provided this sore throat ive obtained doesnt get any worse and lookin forward to it as well as Vegas/cpc which is now under 3 weeks away :):)


TEAMDOBB said...

sore throat eh, you been meeting up with ya bunk buddy amutay like????

Anonymous said...

V.Good Poker Player (Nap)

Not playing to potential due to excessive booze (Next Best)

Do you want to be a v.good player or a great player? The answer is above mate. I could go on, but you know the score...Hardcore...

Felix Leiter