Friday, October 10, 2008

Reverse Reverse

Bllx just had a 4 hour session where i was up a grand£ for 3hrs of it then it totally went backwards. Bust one account but was still well up on a fishy table on other site. Then the beats and set ups came, so sick, was about to go on tilt and maybe donate more but the donut took piss out of me so i told him he lost my tilt money and left.

Ended up £1300 down so i guess combine that with the nutty session earlier and only a £700 profit for the day but feels like a loss. Still unsure if im cut out to play so much omaha, think i should stick to hi lo for the next few days. Easier said than done though but i hate bad variance and struggle to cope often on any downswing.

Right onto more pressing matters, gonna take 50% on my 1 account with significant money in it out so i cant do my nuts on the whole balance drunk tommorrow, or sober :(

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Ukgatsby said...

wd for walking away
live to battle another day
gl gl