Friday, October 24, 2008

Sober High Stakes

Made a bit this afternoon and went back just after 9pm tonight. Had no intent to play high but saw a soft 10/20 omaha game going and couldnt resist. I think i played damn well but again as always happens when i venture into the higher stakes the variance kicks me in the teeth. Anyways basically i was steadily making profit by avoiding allins and taking pots uncontested in the main. Then lose these within quick succession :

AAQ9 dbl suited $2k vs AA10,8 dbl suited $2k vs 8755 no suits $1.5k a $5500 pot gone. 24% to win 24% to split. A10 gets a straight. I believe thats the biggest single pot ive been involved in, although know i had an JJ vs AK for approx £3k once before so would have to check.

Allin on a turn, matey drawing to 6 outs and hits for $1300....... so $1300 pot gone

50/50 where i raised, continuation bet was pot committed with ace high $500 into $2000 when checkraised. Turned out he on a draw and checked in odds calc was 50/ $2000 pot gone

Allin on turn again, matey about 7 outs for $900 and hits.

At this point, bearing in mind these were all in quick succession i went down almost £4000 for the session. Strangely enough though i wasnt on tilt and was itching to keep playing with my £1100 left in the site as felt i had a significant edge given how i and the table was playing. I managed to spin back to £2000 down for the session but just stayed around that stack for ages. Ended up clocking almost 4 hours in total, made a debatably bad call at the end though to finish £3300 down on the session and £2700 down on the day when i take earlier profit into account.

Sounds bad but really gave me a thirst for the higher stakes when my minds as clear and focused as it was tonight. As they say it aint about the profit its about getting it in on the right side of the odds so the profit takes care of itself in the long run.

Still over £3000 up for the month. Expecting a £3000 cash credit from a package any day now and also got $1000 bonus to cash in within the next few days. Playing well and enjoying the majority of it. Only concern right now is i will probably drink the next couple of nights and i just hope i dont go too mad if i fire up any cash tables in a state, just have to see i guess.


For gods sake that was supposed to be the end of the night. I went to one site to do a withdrawal and it blocked my account. I went to another site to do a withdrawal and ended up on 2/5 5/10 and 10/20 omaha, the middle one for 3.5hours !!! Basically lost another £3000 but then got lucky allin flush draw with last $1000 when i was gnna go to bed on 5/10. Fortunately i was golden after that and ended up leaving that site in profit for £500ish. Still wtf am i doing, god knows.

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Amatay said...

lol, u know ur gonna play when ur ball bagged fish, u love it