Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Nightmare session. Lost my head but didnt tilt, just got completely done over all night. Wish i hadnt played more as was up for 1st session today. New i wasnt feeling it but went back on anyway but still dont think i did much wrong.

One of them omaha sessions where the idiots get rewarded. Dumbest pot had to be on 2/4 hi lo when opponent called $300 preflop with KQJ10 with only $400 more behind. It went in on a AJ6ccc flop despite neither of us having clubs and my AKJ4 was no match despite blocking some of the dumb nutcases outs. That was the start of a major downfall which was just so sick.

£1850 down on the evening session = £1600 down for the day :((

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