Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time For A Break

Well 2 hours after the last post i hit the tables again determined to get some back. Got a few hundred back but then seemed to get outdrawn every time i had a chance to get more. This went on a while then i lost more than my share and tilted 1 or 2 decisions and was in a hole for another several hundred £

Fortunately not a bad end though as shut the hi lo tables and focused on 2 omaha 2/4 tables and opened a 5/10 to try spin up. Had a nice 30-60mins end to get out of jail. Ended up £400 up for the evening or £1300 down for the day.

Whicheva way u look at it im not mad now (although was when playing), and that seems a fair loss for the day ive had as a whole. Just glad its not more to be honest !

Thanet GUKPT next........ (tempted to leave laptop behind !)

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