Friday, October 31, 2008

October Review

Didnt play today, too busy. Final tally = £16,482 (incs £2900 from ept-->cpc package) and also a $2500 offline package.

Best month since February and best actual cash profits for 3 years. Also by a mile best month where cash profit solely from cash games and not mtts. I toned down the hi lo, most of my games were just omaha and i know im playing my best ever at that. More importantly i enjoy it more than i have for a long time whilst still seeing it as a challenge. I havent been as complacent this month, i havent tilted as much (not perfect though) and im learning finally to cope with the variance on a daily basis.

Sounds too easy, it aint and i know i have to put same effort in each session regardless of previous results. Looking forward to warmer weather more than anything in November and anything from poker is a bonus. If i dont donate back i need about £12,000 from the last 2 months to make it my best year ever. Another stat for the books, i started keeping poker records exactly four years ago and i can see that over that time ive averaged just over £1000 a week :)) Gonna celebrate tommorrow :))


Gavin said...

Now thats the sort of result I could do with :)

Fair play mate. Nice going.

Anonymous said...

lol at this post

dont kid yourself mate - you made a load of cash when playing mortal - terrible discipline - you need to sort it out b4 it busts you

Anonymous said...

that was me by the way (came up anonymous) - soap

Robert "Animal" Price said...

yeh i explain on boat soapy believe me it aint all drunky stuff prob level as usual from that :)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

also soap, stop playing cash i aint being funny but at decent stakes flat callin to any loose raiser shorthanded with A9off is a long term losing play.....fact