Sunday, October 05, 2008

MTT Night

Long time since i played a load of these at once. Entered 7 fairly biggish ones in end, think on 7 different sites actually !

Bust 4/7 without getting anywhere significant although i know i was mad with 2 of the busts at other people.

Left with 3 all fairly deep. Just bust 500 player one on a pot to hav gone 5th/125 ish 66 vs 97 on a 754flop with matey timing out to almost fold b4 calling and me missing :( Had been top 20 the whole game nearly so that one hurt a bit, especially after losing a couple of flips for chunky pots b4 that hand as well.

So 2 left, was top 10 of 1100 player $60 rebuy but been overraised couple times and laid down, tourney has so many overbettors and nutcases so could get big stack again or bust any time really. 25/57 at mo.

Other one is crypto 40k , 41/58 pays 40.

Obviously cashed in one above but i aint counted entry fees prob need £1000 just to break even tonight :) Update later below gl me ..........

Damn it flips unavoidable at such a deep stage when im playin for top prizes. JJ vs AQ to have gone joint 2nd/31 (1111 entrants) but out 31st for awful $600. To put that into contxt jumps were nout then 10th-18th get $1575 so v annoyed to be forced to flip and not ladder more. At end of day top 3 payouts were what i was after as all multis normally :( :(

Still on bubble in 40k only one left, hope to at least cash then see how my luck goes............

17/33 now survived bubble then won A10 vs K4 and AK vs 10s keep it coming................

Damn it mad again, AQ vs JJ (eg other way round from prima bust) and i lose. muppet trys a stop and go on me with jacks too wtf r these people on. Calls a reraise so im committed then tries to get me to fold unbelievable how bad some people r in these games that obv think they r good. 30th for £280 :(:(

Would took me to 7th ish/30 so mad livid and gutted all in one.

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