Monday, October 20, 2008

For Your Eyes Only

GUKPT not much to talk about im afraid, in terms of poker anyway. Bust level one losing 30% of stack on a bluff and the other 70% 3 betting a flush draw and missing. Wasnt too bothered, although maybe that was my downfall that i was in for £800 yet i didnt seem to care that much.

Had a great time away though, fair few drinks on the Thursday then i drove to Bournemouth Friday afternoon (after busting) to visit Uni mates i havent seen for ages. (Yes Adrian as promised i will mention you on here) More drinks there before returning home Saturday and ended up out on the town again !

Sunday i maybe played online for 30-60mins and was level but wasnt feeling it so left it until today to get in some proper games.

I still may play some more tonight but ive put in several sessions today and had a very good run. 2/4 - 5/10 omaha and hi lo i think i peaked at about £3000 up. I lost a $3400 pot soon after though (was behind though when money went in) and stopped soon after. About £2100 up on the day if i dont play any more, guess i'll update if it changes but well chuffed for now anyway.

........................later update
100 more minutes and another £1000 nearly all on 2/4 omaha , good times.

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Amatay said...

fuk me m8. everytime i seem to check into this shit blog of yours your winning a few £k here and a few £k there. Must be nice to run like u fish ;-)