Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Long Now

End of month and another trip away, much needed now the weather has gone so shitty.

Monday and Tuesday i only played an hour ish a day and made £200 and £400 respectively.

Today was a tale of 2 sessions. This afternoon i was golden and couldnt miss a thing, so easy when u getting the luck as well. Made about £2700 in the end in under 2 hours play.
This evening though i donated back, didnt play too bad just set ups and averaging out of the luck i had earlier in the day. Worst one was a $900 pot just before i stopped where i flopped the nut flush when i had raised to $45 pre on the button of a 9 handed 3/6 table with AQ35 dbl suited. I then got disconnected by the site. Managed to log back in with 10 seconds and just in time to see pot of $250 being bet at me. Anyway turns out he has 2nd nut flush but runner runner comes for the full house. Figured this pisstake was a good time to stop. Lost £1000 in total in evening, so "only" £1700 up on the day :( :)

All the last 3 days play was omaha and omaha hi lo 2/4 up to 5/10 . Ive stayed off the bigger tables for now. Ive also received the cash credit of my package so that has boosted my months profit even further. I had considered some sort of structured bankroll technique to help be more disciplined and stay at the right omaha levels but im not sure if i will use it especially now as im gonna be away playing as much live as online soon.

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