Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vegas (4 and last)

Not too much on poker front to report really. I did go deep in a $235 omaha hi lo limit mtt but bubbled in 16/124 pays 9 when the blinds got crazy and most of the weak players had been bust. Game was near pure luck at that point :( So after 8 hours+ for no cash i thought that was the end of mtts but i had a bash at same buy in PLO the next day but got nowhere before getting drunk and making some of the buyin back on 1/2.

Leave here in about 16 hours but not gonna do much tonight as im hoping i will travel a bit better on the return leg after a shockingly tired but no sleep flight over. Overall its been a good trip with lots of laughs. I will probably regret not playing more poker but that wasnt the sole purpose of this trip and ive just treated it more like a holiday to review a lot of things in my head.

Assuming i dont play tonight (edit below if i do) im -$1,640 for MTTs but +$885 for Cash Games. The cash game split shows a loss for hi lo which i ran bad at and the games werent great but i was actually +1445 for NL holdem cash games.

So overall im -$755 for trip = -£472 to go into spreadsheet. I made the decision not to include or track casino side games out here before i started as i realised i would be playing them more for fun as i hadnt been out here in 16 months prior.

October profit sits at around +£1,000 and i will be very limited as to how much time i can play before Nov 1st.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vegas (3)

Seems 10 days would have been long enough this trip. Dont get me wrong im enjoying it overall but the games are so diff to wsop time and i really just cant seem to put the proper effort and time in on the live cash tables. Bombed out of a $550 mtt today when a guy slowrolled me the biggest ive been slowrolled live in my life. Still had 16 outs going to river when he finally shoved but missed them. Live cash NL holdem has actually gone well. The problem is i get bored and have to drink heavily to stay on them for any length of time which is fine 1 or 2 days but i cant do that every day ! Had some good nights out with the lads but i think i knw if i return to vegas outside of wsop time it will be for 7-10 nights max in future. Dribbling pointless money away on casino side games doesnt help either which is a big leak this time which i put down to the fact i hadnt been here in the summer so hav a bit less control and discipline. Day by pool + piss up planned for 2moz anyway.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Vegas (2)

Quick update. Currently semi-pissed in room about to leave to attack the strip. Done my tits yesterday on poker and casino stuff but was due , had escaped so far. Only couple hundred down for poker since start of trip but casino which im not tracking is more :(

Bad stuff out the way im having a great time overall. First proper holiday for a long time and enjoying it soooooo much. The poker might not be as attractive and profitable as WSOP time but vegas is still veygoooooooose and i love it. Partly helped by the fact Azimut and Punterz came out to join me at the last minute but great break all the same.

Ive hardly played online and im beginning to crave online PLO hi lo but cant be assed with IP changer stuff so wont bother unless i sample stars and f tilt ones but i knw i hate them. Right off now , pretty much 1 more week to go , safe to assume no more posts here considering how i almost didnt do this one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Made it, all be it very knackered as hardly slept on plane. Had decent kip last night though (after losing $70 on 1/2 trying to stay awake) although prob should tried to sleep in a bit more today. Dnno wat plan is for today, mayb Wynn noon tourney and an O8 7pm one at Orleans just to ease me in at lowish buyins while i still feel sluggish.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vegas Bound

Just over an hour till i drive to the airport. Overall its been a pretty steady first half of the month to set me up with +£1,340 so far.

Cant wait to get to vegas, i think this will be my 10th visit in the 6.5years since my first one. Not quite sure which games im going to play out there yet. I expect to succomb to omaha hi lo limit addiction but im sure ill mix several tournaments in there as well as some NL holdem cash as well. Not sure if ill update here daily weekly or after the trip, u'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burning Out A Bit

Strange start to the month, was all steady and despite having a cold spinning my head up since day 1. Still cant shake but all was good until last night and today when ive just been destroyed at the tables. Think lack of a complete day off and not shaking this cold of is a factor but at end of day people just sucking out a lot more than normal and its been for stacks especially last night vs the drunks. Neway i got to +£1,500 but im back to pretty much where i started with rake bonuses at about +£500. Think i need a piss up tonight as can see me playing any more and maybe play none tommorrow apart from a small freeroll.

Still really looking fwd to vegas on Friday but cant come quick enough now based on last 24hours.

Also just had flights confirmed to go to St Maarten in the Caribbean on 29th Nov for 10 nights. Small poker tourney on there but ive been determined to go back to that island after visiting it in 2008 for about 4hours off the cruise. One of, if not, the nicest place ive ever been on earth to date.

I havent been abroad since end of June 2009 which is a long time for me (longest since i started playing poker in 2004 actually) so time to change that with these two ventures before xmas :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Sept Finally Over

Another crazy day to finish. Logged on about 3pm to play an hour before exercising, making dinner and going out for a few hours. Errrrrr no slight change of plan. Fish from other day was back so i played a 7 hours straight session, no breaks, no sit outs or anything. Twas worth it and the biggest challenge came making and eating food without missing a hand which actually was quite good fun. When i needed to wash a baking tray i still had one hand spare :)

Stakes ranged from 1/2 up to 3/6$. I did my usual and dropped about £500 immediately but it quickly reversed and overall was vey happy with play, luck, patience and the final profit of £1,500 ish.

Final profit for Sept is £6,237 which is my 2nd best month of the year. Very happy with that but am not taking anything out for next months live stuff. Hope to have a good couple of weeks before i leave for vegas on the 15th and then freely enter and play whichever games i fancy out there. Quite prepared to play a little higher out there too so potential losing month but whatever as long as i target the right sort of games and dont donk off anything or much on side casino games.