Friday, October 22, 2010

Vegas (2)

Quick update. Currently semi-pissed in room about to leave to attack the strip. Done my tits yesterday on poker and casino stuff but was due , had escaped so far. Only couple hundred down for poker since start of trip but casino which im not tracking is more :(

Bad stuff out the way im having a great time overall. First proper holiday for a long time and enjoying it soooooo much. The poker might not be as attractive and profitable as WSOP time but vegas is still veygoooooooose and i love it. Partly helped by the fact Azimut and Punterz came out to join me at the last minute but great break all the same.

Ive hardly played online and im beginning to crave online PLO hi lo but cant be assed with IP changer stuff so wont bother unless i sample stars and f tilt ones but i knw i hate them. Right off now , pretty much 1 more week to go , safe to assume no more posts here considering how i almost didnt do this one.

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