Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vegas (3)

Seems 10 days would have been long enough this trip. Dont get me wrong im enjoying it overall but the games are so diff to wsop time and i really just cant seem to put the proper effort and time in on the live cash tables. Bombed out of a $550 mtt today when a guy slowrolled me the biggest ive been slowrolled live in my life. Still had 16 outs going to river when he finally shoved but missed them. Live cash NL holdem has actually gone well. The problem is i get bored and have to drink heavily to stay on them for any length of time which is fine 1 or 2 days but i cant do that every day ! Had some good nights out with the lads but i think i knw if i return to vegas outside of wsop time it will be for 7-10 nights max in future. Dribbling pointless money away on casino side games doesnt help either which is a big leak this time which i put down to the fact i hadnt been here in the summer so hav a bit less control and discipline. Day by pool + piss up planned for 2moz anyway.

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