Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vegas (4 and last)

Not too much on poker front to report really. I did go deep in a $235 omaha hi lo limit mtt but bubbled in 16/124 pays 9 when the blinds got crazy and most of the weak players had been bust. Game was near pure luck at that point :( So after 8 hours+ for no cash i thought that was the end of mtts but i had a bash at same buy in PLO the next day but got nowhere before getting drunk and making some of the buyin back on 1/2.

Leave here in about 16 hours but not gonna do much tonight as im hoping i will travel a bit better on the return leg after a shockingly tired but no sleep flight over. Overall its been a good trip with lots of laughs. I will probably regret not playing more poker but that wasnt the sole purpose of this trip and ive just treated it more like a holiday to review a lot of things in my head.

Assuming i dont play tonight (edit below if i do) im -$1,640 for MTTs but +$885 for Cash Games. The cash game split shows a loss for hi lo which i ran bad at and the games werent great but i was actually +1445 for NL holdem cash games.

So overall im -$755 for trip = -£472 to go into spreadsheet. I made the decision not to include or track casino side games out here before i started as i realised i would be playing them more for fun as i hadnt been out here in 16 months prior.

October profit sits at around +£1,000 and i will be very limited as to how much time i can play before Nov 1st.

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