Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burning Out A Bit

Strange start to the month, was all steady and despite having a cold spinning my head up since day 1. Still cant shake but all was good until last night and today when ive just been destroyed at the tables. Think lack of a complete day off and not shaking this cold of is a factor but at end of day people just sucking out a lot more than normal and its been for stacks especially last night vs the drunks. Neway i got to +£1,500 but im back to pretty much where i started with rake bonuses at about +£500. Think i need a piss up tonight as can see me playing any more and maybe play none tommorrow apart from a small freeroll.

Still really looking fwd to vegas on Friday but cant come quick enough now based on last 24hours.

Also just had flights confirmed to go to St Maarten in the Caribbean on 29th Nov for 10 nights. Small poker tourney on there but ive been determined to go back to that island after visiting it in 2008 for about 4hours off the cruise. One of, if not, the nicest place ive ever been on earth to date.

I havent been abroad since end of June 2009 which is a long time for me (longest since i started playing poker in 2004 actually) so time to change that with these two ventures before xmas :)


Amatay said...

Hopefully see u again in St Maarten, wiiiiiiiiii

TEAMDOBB said...

watch ya backs