Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some Live Stuff

A couple of weekends on the trot ive played some live games for a change.  First it was a fun weekend away in Essex but more recently i spent all Sunday up at the Bristol UKIPT playing a £220 plo event.  

It got 49 runners on the day and i went through phases in it of being solid, drunk, tired, solid, drunk, tired , etc etc :)

A couple of key hands that allowed me to go deep, 1st one probably being the most important hand of my day.

150/300 and i raise utg to 800 (8handed) with A4ssJ9cc and pick up 1 caller behind (fishey local) and 1 of the blinds.  i had only been at the table 1 round or 2 but there was a lot of banter and chips going in so i had already put some people into category types.

flop is 2x2c6c and i cont bet 1200 which is just called by chap behind.  at this point its obv to assume overpair/flush draw/deuce as his range.

turn is a 6x , i was probably slowing down here but felt this card really really good to fire again on and try and see if i can pick it up or pick up more info on other guys hand.  i led 2700 and whilst he called quite quick i got the impression he didnt like it so was leaning more to the line he had a high flush draw but still possibly a deuce.  

river is a queen of spades and im left with the perfect air or nuts type shove stack of 6,400.  was probably shoving any non club anyway but matey flicks his cards quickly and puts them back down even quicker in such a fashion i could tell he hated that river so i actually confidently shoved thinking he was deffo on a flush draw.  he folded so quickly i felt confirmed as he showed A5cc but then proceeded to show he had a deuce as well !!!    slowplayin the flop got him confused by the turn then he just didnt think i could bluff there i guess :)

other hand was me getting it in bad with KK55 1 suit vs AA97 vs guy raising nearly every hand and hitting quads when i was out if i missed with 18odd left.  he wsa only guy at that table capable of 3 betting anything other than aces so it wasnt too bad a shove.

ended up finishing 4th/49 and couldnt complain i was lucky on above and other smaller allins.  had a chance of winning but never had more than 1/4 chips in play with 4 left so wasnt too disappointed.  return of £950 on my investment in a strange game that at times i really enjoyed and at other times was bored of and hated , more so when i was tired from the early start and drive up there.  overall i was happy with my play but it still reminded me how live games are not for me a lot of the time but also was a good test of my patience which held out well.

sitting on just over £2,500 for the month. raked $2,900 so far. generally not playin as well this month but running well (all of my hard profit online) and probably should only be up the rakeback.  been quite volatile and testing at times whch i havent always passed.  1 day i even went $2,800 down before finishing just $800 down and happy !!!