Monday, May 31, 2010

May Final Figures

Was a bit worse last night as i entered figures into speadsheet wrong so was down another £300 or so. Anyways May final figures below after hardly playing at all today. A decent month and im happy with it overall, especially when i can say i was never in a loss at any time.

Total Profit: £6,017
Less WSOP MTT Buy Ins (In Advance): £2,093

Actual May written down profit: £3,924

June will be a very different month and im looking forward to it a lot

//////////...................................EDIT MID JUN ..../////////////
see posts, vegas cancelled so final profit above recorded as £6,017

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Disaster (So Far)

Nout goin right so many beats and stuff, strangely im not too pissed or tilted at all but i guess that will change unless i win some back in my last 2 mtts or on cash.

$209 hi lo NL on stars. bust hand i holdin AA23 and reraise a 420 raise to 1100 playin about 2900. queue the nice lookin J53 rainbow flop where it goes in and matey has AQJ5 and i cant beat the 5 turn and blank high card river :(

Bubbled $120 hi lo mtt in 4th after the short blind out guy survived about 5 or 6 allins :(

Heres the big damage. juicy 5/10 game goin on so i buyin it for only 350 and get that to about 600 b4 a hand that plays itself really vs french fish. allin on a 2,5,10,Q board holding 2,5,4,7 vs A,10,3,x and rivers a 4 to lose the $1200 pot.
Fair enough so i rebuy in for 1000 as table so bad and he stacked now. anyway a round or so later i reraise pre with AA29 and get a nice 10,4,5 flop. other aggressive fish raises me in on flop with his Q1023 he has called my reraise pre which is in awful shape vs my hand. queue the ace turn and blank river and a $2000 pot gone :((

I was chipleader in the $109 ive come 2nd in last 2 sunday running but just goin backwards in it now. WSOP league game prob below average but still in with a shot, would need 4th or 5th/206 2nite to secure some sort of package i reckon but long way to go in it yet.

10:30pm , expect an update below later but i dnt feel confident it will be good :( i aint tallying up the loss until later anyway as i know its shocking so far.
yip midnight now and oh dear oh dear cash no better and 2 mtts details below:

wsop league one i needed top 5 or so for a package and got a stack making a move mid game. anyway think i lost a chunk being committed to doubling a shortie or 2 up then in space of 15mins:
raise button A9 and sb who has no chance of winning a package and has blinded out anyway decided now to move in for like 5xbb more with J5, seriously i dnnno what goes on in their heads sometimes. to be fair he deserved to flop a jack and a flush draw :(
next is reraising a late position stack who had 11k ish and was never folding 77. AJstd aint much use when flop is K87 and turn fh b4 ace on river.
then bust hand KQstd open shove for 9-10xbb to be called by bb for half his stack with A8off and luvly blank 7high board comes out.

1st of those 3 was key but the flip hand was vital and would hav put me sommat like 7th/69 and in with a decent chance but it just summed up one of my worst all round nights ever i think.

other hi lo mtt as big a joke, i minraise button AA4x and flop is 10,9,5. pot is now about 1900 and i bet 1000 and get chkraised allin for my other 5000. in good shape when shown KKQ10 but as is tonight the 10 hits immediately and a king fits the river nicely to rub it in more. That pot would have put me back top 8 with 18paid and about 40odd left i believe.

So as said above probably my worst ever night in terms of not tilting, not getting abusive but basically losing on everything i entered or played despite doing nothing much wrong. I actually think i played damn well tonight which is just bizzzzzzzzzarre.

So -£1700 on the night :(( oh heres another example of a hi lo pot i lost since last post on 3/6.

limped 4way board Q23 2 spades i have AQJ5 with nut spades. matey leads 28into 30 i flat. turn is a blank jack and he leads sommat like 68ish and i pot it to sommat near 300 i think. river is a 5 and quite seriously if it was live i think i would have just thrown my cards in the muck before he even had a chance to bet which was the easiest fold of the night to "save" 280$ odd.

dunnno where i go from here mayb a day off and start a fresh on june 1st but see what my moods like tommorrow im surprisingly upbeat despite tonight.

PS: too much to change vegas flight so wont be going until 2 weeks time.

LOL this game never ceases to amaze me, was just about to shut last table (2/4) and took a half stack off a fish then called a river bluff off a regular and suddenly im only -£1,000 on the night and extremely happy , nuts.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts and Updates

Cant think of much else other than WSOP at the moment. Im due to fly 2 weeks tommorrow but im soooooooo tempted just to ring up and change it. The event i final tabled last year starts on Sunday so i will probably be in a bad mood tommorrow knowing im missing it too.

Pretty hungover today after an almost 12hour boozy session last night so prob not playin tonight so just a couple of days left of May to boost or destroy the months profit. Since last post i had a few days with only 1-2hours play (was too hot and nice outside for more) before a longer chase Thursday of 8hrs+. Was sommat like +£400,+£400,+£600 and -£200 and hardly played yesterday. Profits currently back up to +£5,200 +£2090 in WSOP buyins so a good month barring another bad day before Tuesday.

Right im off to get my 2nd takeaway of the day, then im goin to look at hotel rates, flight changes and see whether airport hotel and train ticket already booked are refundable just to see how feasible changing and goin out 7-10days earlier is. Even if i dont change at least it will get me more excited about getting there in 2 weeks :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back On Track

Strange night, after two boozy nights out i definitely wouldnt have played tonight but i had a few freerolls i had to play so entered a couple of other hi lo mtts alongside. Lost on cash and nothing seemed to be going right apart from the $109 one on stars. In the end i managed a 2nd/139 (same result as the other night) but this time i was a bit disappointed not to win it. Wasnt an easy hu as guy was a maniac and i did get him allin covered and called on a AQJ8 board with AA83 but he chopped when the river hit his 2349. Missed everything after that but a decent result and a step back in the right direction for sure. $2,224 for 2nd.

2am now and im still very hungover and know i wont sleep for hours. Up until last night my body clock was later and later, lucky if im dropping off before 8am. Anyway last night had 3 or 4hours on someones sofa then got home at 9am and dropped back off to sleep around midday for a few hours.

1 week left in May and 3 weeks before im in Vegas, laters.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Aint really been in the mood the last couple of days and its finally showed in my results. Despite great weather ive had a chest infection, only mild but enough to warrant not doing much other than play poker, hense why ive still played with wrong head on.

Yesterday i only lost a few hundred but today i dropped £3,000 running bad and a little tilt to add to it obviously at the higher stakes where i previously won this sort of amount :( The games were as bad as can be and i just couldnt get a break and my patience failed.

Still well up on the month and i hope by posting here i sort myself out. A day off is probably a must then regroup for the final week. I do have some games i have to play so its not a case of "take last week off"

Profit currently £2,280 with another £2093 on top of that set aside for wsop buy ins. Embarressed by my attitude today, only myself to blame so putting it on here is probably a good step to recovery.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday (In Running)

If im not in too much panic multitabling i will try and update here as often as can.

Got below:

Stars $215 NL Hi Lo
Ipoker $55 mini ECOOP NL Holdem
Stars $109 Hi Lo PL
888 $80 NL Holdem
Party $120 Hi Lo PL
Ipoker League Game (Prepaid)

+cash on side

bust $215 AAxx vs AAxx crippled bust shortly after

shouldnt have bothered with this struggling to keep up 2nite prob sommat to do with the 20pints and endless takeaways ive had since friday :(

just bust party $120 in 2nd but only 11 entrants so only $363
Still starting stack in $109 hi lo v v card dead.
43/320 in 475 runner $80
stacked in league game but crapshoot but very deep
613/1000 in 1700 $55
cash aint been great but dnnno too hectic


Arrgh just got to 3rd in $109 hi lo well deep then 1 of only 2 stacks at table that can damage me 3/4 me. standard sick cooler A1045 vs A245 and flop was 367 :(
did prev update and it aint saved basically running shit on cash and bust legue in 9th for ok points but not big ones :(


just 2 left $80 and $109 hi lo. 134/215 pays 73 and 7/25 pays 18 respectively


cashed but 15/16 in hi lo....did get as high as 4th aggressing bubble but lost 7723 vs AKK5 shortie and had to tighten up. hoping to get some luck every cash ive had in this has been tiny despite doing so many times lately and having a stack often too

doubled $80 AA vs 44 102/150 pays 73 ridiculously good structure


KK vs 99 double 58/116

just chipped up scooping an allin vs a guy with half my stack after chopping 1 allin before that. currently 6/14 in hi lo


4/9 in hi lo, wide open could just as easily finish 8th or 9th as 1st or 2nd
74/89 in $80 NL


bust $80 80th made a debatable call in bb with A10std vs utg shove for a large chunk of my stack and lost to AJoff. next hand only 3500 left in 600sb with too much in pot to fold ne 2 cards and j6 lose to A5 which would have put me back to where i was b4 the A10call. Im happy though as ul to lose both allin so justified my gambles.

5/8 in $109


2/6 v crapshooty but confident quite flat payout hoping i get at least 4th tbh


2/4 1 shorty hopefully he will go soon


joint 2/3 wide open again, its was sommat like 280 vs 50 vs my 60k but more like 150 vs 120 vs 120 now.


bust in 2nd. final hand allin on turn on a 10,9,3,6 board with 6724 and flush draw, matey had AQJ4 and had checked the flop in position and i read him for just a low draw on turn when he pot bet and he rivered a jack :( . had 25% chips in play so scoop would put me level or 50% still been on 100k with 400k in play.

was sick 3handed i had to survive some good luck then get bad luck for other guy to survive but finally they faced off and at the end of it all ive got a $2,192 payout , all be it a bit disappointed not to get the win (and the extra $1,000)

Summary on night
MTT $ entered - $579 total
Cashed - $2,192 +$363 = $ 2,555

so mtt profit of just under $2,000
lost about $450 on cash but overall very happy with a night i didnt really want to play but had to cos of that league game :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Update On Staking And Games

Staking is officially sold out, thanks to all of those investing. I will collect the money in approx. 2 weeks but if anyone wants to offload it before that its fine.

Have had a huge week at the tables and been a complete addict for the first couple of days of it putting in 9 or 10hours each day. Monday i made £1,500 which is up there with my best this year but Tuesday i destroyed that and had my best day this year at +£3,000. Obviously this isnt all at 2/4 max, i seem to have found some really bad games at higher stakes and managed to take advantage fully without buying in for the max (and run good also for a change!!!)

Hardly touched any mtts, did try the stars hi lo $100 tonight but after sitting stacked in top 100/1300 (2200 entrants) i crashed out about 1200th after some tough spots and luck but was happy overall with my game. Kind of wish i had satted into the 1000$ at same time but another time maybe.

Have kind of been in limbo since Tuesday breaking about even which i guess is a bit complacent after 2 big days and to be expected. Im going to do some withdrawals now anyway to protect profit made in case i log on drunk tommorrow. Probably wont play much now until Sunday unless i see anything juicy or my hangover isnt too bad and the addict in me returns. Profit stands at +£5,500 for May but i may adjust that too and take out my buy ins for the WSOP next month (less staking) so i can truly see where i stand.

Took out wsop buy ins so profit stands at +£3,450 for May

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WSOP Staking Request

WSOP Event 46
$5,000 PL Omaha High/Low
Friday 25th June 5pm

Looking to sell up to 60% at a mark up of 1.2/1

eg: - $300 for 5% , $150 for 2.5%, $75 for 1.25% etc

Payment would be around end of May via stars, full tilt or bank transfer ( exchange rate)

I wont put any waffle up here yet about my record etc unless i decide to post it on a couple of forums (see how selling goes here first) . At the moment i intend to play it if i can sell 40% of the shares but this could be subject to change and volcano ash :)

ADDON ALL SOLD PLEASE IGNORE THIS PARAGRAPH As an addon option (for added interest for stakers) i could also sell some of event 41 - $1,500 PL Omaha High/Low at the same rate. Please note this is only open to stakers of event 46 and not a separate staking request as im playing this one regardless. Will only sell maximum 20% in that one though at $45 for 2.5% .

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment, cheers. PS: 24 hour booze ban before each game will be strictly enforced :)


50% sold in $5k , all of $1.5k 20% sold

decided to stop at 50%

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday (In Running)

If i aint too busy ill try to update this as i go along.

all above hi lo ($215 NL all other PL) + first wsop league game NL holdem

+ few cash games alongside to fill in gaps and after busts.

10mins in so far and +$50 on 1/2 cash.
9pm dropped one $22 too much on with cash tbles too although got them shut at mo now.
no busts but weak in 2 (although just doubled in one with free sb trips). awful awful the way i lost chunk on other bb $109 free flop Q33 i bet 3/4 pot called by 2 (i hav Q396). turn 7 i bet 420 into 520 called by one. river 5 i pot bet and he flats with AQ55 4gohbwekmgymgkbswmwkekmnekrmblkwrmhbkwmekmsklmlkhmwehgklmh4ek.

neway 4150 from 3000 first break of $215, 9k from 5k in $120 . others small stakes wnt mention unless interesting or bust or cash obv but no busts yet so still 6 on go.
multiple busts 9:35pm only $10rebuy $22 (sick beat to be short) and $215 left. worst bust $120 for chiplead minraise pre with AAK4 with hearts. flop K108 with 2 hearts chkraise guy allin how has 8523 no hearts and he rivers 2 pair on me for chiplead pot. only 3 paid and only 10left at that point :( Just doubled $22 but obv not that int, cash more important now got 3 tables goin.
final table of $22 7 left in money
8/17 pays 10 in $10 rebuy
16/46 pays 27 in $215
cash goin steady not sure if up or down on night though
busted 4th for $164 in $20
13/44 in $215
5/13 in $10 rebuy
in money $10 rebuy
26/29 $215 (got quartered for a difficult pot a bit ago and been short ever since)

just bust 24th/170 for $340. i got quartered on bubble calling allin same stack with AKK3dbl suited vs AQ24 no suits. left crippled but not weakest and managed to limp into money. doubled up twice before sucking someone in when i raised 3xbb with AA8x flop 245 he shoves A497 and 4 hits the river :( that pot would have put me about 10th but rode my luck both ways so at least i cashed.

still in $10rebuy , shoving this second actually with AK35dbl stuied vs QJ33 and 8910j its so bad but crapshoot lol. got low and shortie bust so 5/5


12:20am lol managed to ladder to 2nd without playing a hand then with only 9%chips in play i bust hu first hand, big bonus that these nutters all faced off. 1 guy was complete maniac and just nvr folded (winner but so bad) and he managed to tilt the others into getting involved and busting. $474 for 2nd well chuffed with that. gonna do a tally now and maybe finish for the night.

basically spent almost exactly $500 on mtts. 164+340+474 = 978 so just under $500 profit. entered into spreadsheet and +£280 on night so working to a rough 1.5$ exchange rate means i lost about £40 on cash tables alongside everything.

started the day with £169 rakeback fed in too so actually +£450 for May now. will edit if i play later.
back on for a couple hours now 2:50am and think im finally done. mixture of plo plo hi lo and made another £188 so good start to the month 1 day in (well 1 working day ;) )