Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts and Updates

Cant think of much else other than WSOP at the moment. Im due to fly 2 weeks tommorrow but im soooooooo tempted just to ring up and change it. The event i final tabled last year starts on Sunday so i will probably be in a bad mood tommorrow knowing im missing it too.

Pretty hungover today after an almost 12hour boozy session last night so prob not playin tonight so just a couple of days left of May to boost or destroy the months profit. Since last post i had a few days with only 1-2hours play (was too hot and nice outside for more) before a longer chase Thursday of 8hrs+. Was sommat like +£400,+£400,+£600 and -£200 and hardly played yesterday. Profits currently back up to +£5,200 +£2090 in WSOP buyins so a good month barring another bad day before Tuesday.

Right im off to get my 2nd takeaway of the day, then im goin to look at hotel rates, flight changes and see whether airport hotel and train ticket already booked are refundable just to see how feasible changing and goin out 7-10days earlier is. Even if i dont change at least it will get me more excited about getting there in 2 weeks :)

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Ben said...

Takeaways bad meditation good.. that said I'm still trying to get round to your meditation guide..hopefully next week. Good Luck