Monday, May 24, 2010

Back On Track

Strange night, after two boozy nights out i definitely wouldnt have played tonight but i had a few freerolls i had to play so entered a couple of other hi lo mtts alongside. Lost on cash and nothing seemed to be going right apart from the $109 one on stars. In the end i managed a 2nd/139 (same result as the other night) but this time i was a bit disappointed not to win it. Wasnt an easy hu as guy was a maniac and i did get him allin covered and called on a AQJ8 board with AA83 but he chopped when the river hit his 2349. Missed everything after that but a decent result and a step back in the right direction for sure. $2,224 for 2nd.

2am now and im still very hungover and know i wont sleep for hours. Up until last night my body clock was later and later, lucky if im dropping off before 8am. Anyway last night had 3 or 4hours on someones sofa then got home at 9am and dropped back off to sleep around midday for a few hours.

1 week left in May and 3 weeks before im in Vegas, laters.


corneliusllw said...

Good luck^^ pls hv visit through my link

Benny said...

Not bad work for a hungover night when you didn't expect anything - always gotta take the positives! Plus, 3 weeks til VEGAS BABY