Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WSOP Staking Request

WSOP Event 46
$5,000 PL Omaha High/Low
Friday 25th June 5pm

Looking to sell up to 60% at a mark up of 1.2/1

eg: - $300 for 5% , $150 for 2.5%, $75 for 1.25% etc

Payment would be around end of May via stars, full tilt or bank transfer ( exchange rate)

I wont put any waffle up here yet about my record etc unless i decide to post it on a couple of forums (see how selling goes here first) . At the moment i intend to play it if i can sell 40% of the shares but this could be subject to change and volcano ash :)

ADDON ALL SOLD PLEASE IGNORE THIS PARAGRAPH As an addon option (for added interest for stakers) i could also sell some of event 41 - $1,500 PL Omaha High/Low at the same rate. Please note this is only open to stakers of event 46 and not a separate staking request as im playing this one regardless. Will only sell maximum 20% in that one though at $45 for 2.5% .

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment, cheers. PS: 24 hour booze ban before each game will be strictly enforced :)


50% sold in $5k , all of $1.5k 20% sold

decided to stop at 50%


TEAMDOBB said...

me & stumpy in for $150 between us Rob

Gavin said...

I'll have $75 mate if theres any left - Gav

Robert "Animal" Price said...

thx gavin 1.25% is yours. possible 26.25% left to sell.

Greekstein said...

5% please.

How can I paiiiiii you?


Robert "Animal" Price said...

5% for $300 confirmed thx cos. wont be collecting money until end of the month. will be via stars, full tilt or bank transfer.

Anonymous said...

hi this is mad turk i m interested how can we talk

Robert "Animal" Price said...

hi turk , u can just let me know here if u would like a %. If u need to talk about anything u can email me or add me to windows messenger if u use it with the same address.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people with confidence in your game, should give you a confidence boost coming into the WSOP.

Best of luck