Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday (In Running)

If im not in too much panic multitabling i will try and update here as often as can.

Got below:

Stars $215 NL Hi Lo
Ipoker $55 mini ECOOP NL Holdem
Stars $109 Hi Lo PL
888 $80 NL Holdem
Party $120 Hi Lo PL
Ipoker League Game (Prepaid)

+cash on side

bust $215 AAxx vs AAxx crippled bust shortly after

shouldnt have bothered with this struggling to keep up 2nite prob sommat to do with the 20pints and endless takeaways ive had since friday :(

just bust party $120 in 2nd but only 11 entrants so only $363
Still starting stack in $109 hi lo v v card dead.
43/320 in 475 runner $80
stacked in league game but crapshoot but very deep
613/1000 in 1700 $55
cash aint been great but dnnno too hectic


Arrgh just got to 3rd in $109 hi lo well deep then 1 of only 2 stacks at table that can damage me 3/4 me. standard sick cooler A1045 vs A245 and flop was 367 :(
did prev update and it aint saved basically running shit on cash and bust legue in 9th for ok points but not big ones :(


just 2 left $80 and $109 hi lo. 134/215 pays 73 and 7/25 pays 18 respectively


cashed but 15/16 in hi lo....did get as high as 4th aggressing bubble but lost 7723 vs AKK5 shortie and had to tighten up. hoping to get some luck every cash ive had in this has been tiny despite doing so many times lately and having a stack often too

doubled $80 AA vs 44 102/150 pays 73 ridiculously good structure


KK vs 99 double 58/116

just chipped up scooping an allin vs a guy with half my stack after chopping 1 allin before that. currently 6/14 in hi lo


4/9 in hi lo, wide open could just as easily finish 8th or 9th as 1st or 2nd
74/89 in $80 NL


bust $80 80th made a debatable call in bb with A10std vs utg shove for a large chunk of my stack and lost to AJoff. next hand only 3500 left in 600sb with too much in pot to fold ne 2 cards and j6 lose to A5 which would have put me back to where i was b4 the A10call. Im happy though as ul to lose both allin so justified my gambles.

5/8 in $109


2/6 v crapshooty but confident quite flat payout hoping i get at least 4th tbh


2/4 1 shorty hopefully he will go soon


joint 2/3 wide open again, its was sommat like 280 vs 50 vs my 60k but more like 150 vs 120 vs 120 now.


bust in 2nd. final hand allin on turn on a 10,9,3,6 board with 6724 and flush draw, matey had AQJ4 and had checked the flop in position and i read him for just a low draw on turn when he pot bet and he rivered a jack :( . had 25% chips in play so scoop would put me level or 50% still been on 100k with 400k in play.

was sick 3handed i had to survive some good luck then get bad luck for other guy to survive but finally they faced off and at the end of it all ive got a $2,192 payout , all be it a bit disappointed not to get the win (and the extra $1,000)

Summary on night
MTT $ entered - $579 total
Cashed - $2,192 +$363 = $ 2,555

so mtt profit of just under $2,000
lost about $450 on cash but overall very happy with a night i didnt really want to play but had to cos of that league game :)


stumpy said...

nice results keep it up hope 2 see u in veeegas

Robert "Animal" Price said...

u sure villllllllll