Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday (In Running)

If i aint too busy ill try to update this as i go along.

all above hi lo ($215 NL all other PL) + first wsop league game NL holdem

+ few cash games alongside to fill in gaps and after busts.

10mins in so far and +$50 on 1/2 cash.
9pm dropped one $22 too much on with cash tbles too although got them shut at mo now.
no busts but weak in 2 (although just doubled in one with free sb trips). awful awful the way i lost chunk on other bb $109 free flop Q33 i bet 3/4 pot called by 2 (i hav Q396). turn 7 i bet 420 into 520 called by one. river 5 i pot bet and he flats with AQ55 4gohbwekmgymgkbswmwkekmnekrmblkwrmhbkwmekmsklmlkhmwehgklmh4ek.

neway 4150 from 3000 first break of $215, 9k from 5k in $120 . others small stakes wnt mention unless interesting or bust or cash obv but no busts yet so still 6 on go.
multiple busts 9:35pm only $10rebuy $22 (sick beat to be short) and $215 left. worst bust $120 for chiplead minraise pre with AAK4 with hearts. flop K108 with 2 hearts chkraise guy allin how has 8523 no hearts and he rivers 2 pair on me for chiplead pot. only 3 paid and only 10left at that point :( Just doubled $22 but obv not that int, cash more important now got 3 tables goin.
final table of $22 7 left in money
8/17 pays 10 in $10 rebuy
16/46 pays 27 in $215
cash goin steady not sure if up or down on night though
busted 4th for $164 in $20
13/44 in $215
5/13 in $10 rebuy
in money $10 rebuy
26/29 $215 (got quartered for a difficult pot a bit ago and been short ever since)

just bust 24th/170 for $340. i got quartered on bubble calling allin same stack with AKK3dbl suited vs AQ24 no suits. left crippled but not weakest and managed to limp into money. doubled up twice before sucking someone in when i raised 3xbb with AA8x flop 245 he shoves A497 and 4 hits the river :( that pot would have put me about 10th but rode my luck both ways so at least i cashed.

still in $10rebuy , shoving this second actually with AK35dbl stuied vs QJ33 and 8910j its so bad but crapshoot lol. got low and shortie bust so 5/5


12:20am lol managed to ladder to 2nd without playing a hand then with only 9%chips in play i bust hu first hand, big bonus that these nutters all faced off. 1 guy was complete maniac and just nvr folded (winner but so bad) and he managed to tilt the others into getting involved and busting. $474 for 2nd well chuffed with that. gonna do a tally now and maybe finish for the night.

basically spent almost exactly $500 on mtts. 164+340+474 = 978 so just under $500 profit. entered into spreadsheet and +£280 on night so working to a rough 1.5$ exchange rate means i lost about £40 on cash tables alongside everything.

started the day with £169 rakeback fed in too so actually +£450 for May now. will edit if i play later.
back on for a couple hours now 2:50am and think im finally done. mixture of plo plo hi lo and made another £188 so good start to the month 1 day in (well 1 working day ;) )


Benny said...

I like this whole, update while it happens thing!
I think you should do it more oftem.
gripping stuff!
not such a bad day!
keep it up.

Gavin said...

I agree with Benny mate. Nice to see how you're going along even if I am in bed by the 3rd update :)

Amatay said...

$22 freezeouts and 10 buck rebuys??? wtf? sell your house and get back to $10/20 ohmahahahahah pls fish