Thursday, March 31, 2011

March/April Thoughts

Pretty solid month i guess. Currently +£5,119 and over halfway to a $4k bonus on stars and rakeback in region of $1200 on other site. Have option of playing about 7.5hours a day all month next month on other site but im pretty sure i wont be going down that road. The plan at mo is to see how i cope playing just hi lo limit 95%+ of time all month and all on stars. Im interested to see if i get bored, frustrated or tilted or to what extent. As well as that obviously i wanna see what sort of vpps i can achieve over a month. Also whether i end up in profit before rakeback and bonuses etc. Ive done about 50k vpps this month but i reckon i will pass double that next month unless i change my plan part way through the month. I may put some stats on here for all the limits i play which currently range from 1/2 up to as high as 30/60$.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chunky Loss

Frustrating week i guess although i wasnt that disappointed until last night. Basically after last post i lost £700 odd and spent a few days grinding back up. I then lost another £500 odd but thought i was grinding that back until last nights destruction. Basically lost £900 odd after bubbling a sat for £1090 live seat. I have put in quite a lot of volume though so i guess theres a lot of hidden rakeback behind the scenes. Out tonight and sunday so not sure quite how much ill play this weekend. Anyways sitting on +£3,943 for month which is still good.

Edit....(2 hours later)
todays 2 hour session was complete reverse from last night, only difference was on lower stakes but still got a nice $ back. now on +£4,460 and done for day unless play drunk later.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Longest Day

I dnno if ive played this much all year even when i was in that rake promo in Jan. Been pretty much flat out since midday with a dinner break and only small breaks inbetween really. Reckon if i take the breaks out ive definitely played over 13 hours and maybe twards 14 hours.

Im still playing now, i cant leave the 2/4 hi lo table im on with 2 real bad players on it.

3 sides to my days really:

First was steady and lots of run good and play good etc to go about +£800

Second was playing some of worst plo hi lo ive seen for a while on 2/4 x 2 and 1 x 3/6 and getting destroyed. Was still probably just in profit for £100 or so at worst point here.

Third was just golden beyond belief. Recovered most of the hi lo loss. At the same time i defintely have never run so well on limit hi lo tables on stars. Im still in and out of stars at mo but getting real tired so just sticking to plo hi lo 1 table for the moment.

I havent played as many tables at once today and overall its paid huge dividends. Instead of maybe 6-8 tables its been more like 2-4 the majority of the time.

Ill try to post final profit when i finish but im currenty in running up today in the region of +£1,750 on the day :))

EDIT: now 5am and 1 fish left although new guy i dnt know has just sat so could still be here for a while. Also done well so far on a juicy limit hi lo at same time. +£1920 in running.
hmmm as i wrote that new guy virtually bust and other guy sat out but not left yet.

5:20am : finally left just over £2,000 up on the day. +£5,197 for March .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Peak But Not Without A Huge Dip

Sunday was carnage. Was nearly exclusively hi lo limit and has put a big doubt in my mind with regards to my ability. That said ive been pretty steady again since so i still want to put thousands of hands in and see how i get on. I think i was -£1,200 at one point although that went back to - £400 in the afternoon. Evening session started well but turned bad and in the end i was about -£900 for the day and down to +£1,900 on the month.

Monday i didnt play a single hand as i wanted to mentally recover from the Sunday madness.
It seemed to work as Tuesday was an excellent day and i got back to over +£2,500 for the month once again thanks to running well in bad games.

Today was pretty steady on all diff games and im now sitting at a new peak for March of +£3,182.

Really hope i can push on now for the rest of the week and indeed the month. Its getting a bit annoying to keep getting knocked backwards but apart from sunday ive coped with it well and seem to keep bouncing back.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sat Night Update

Bit hungover today so didnt play main site. Seem to be able to play hi lo limit ok though and prob played over 5 hours between 3 sessions. Nice to post a profit but im still down on this discipline for March so far so am trying to get out of the hole. The couple of days before were sim story to rest of week being level or like 50£ up or sommat each day.

Currently at peak for month of +£2,855

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Not Much Movement

Ah well at least im not losing but the last 3 or 4 days have followed exactly the same pattern. Basically hover around level then go £200-£400 up later in the day before dropping it all back in the last hour or two. Still rake paid = more rakeback so not bad. I even had a go on 5/10 and 3/6 hi lo earlier when some ok games were going. Profit sits at +£2,475 for March and ive done 2/3 of the rake i needed on my main site so far. Arggh i thought i had finished but might still play now a 2/4 game is goin hmmmmmm.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bonus Boost

Only played a few hours yesterday, mainly due to some connection issues with the site. Anyway made a small profit of £73 but cleared a bonus of £300 to keep the good momentum going. Now sit on £2,372 for March. Not sure if ill play today, im a bit hungover and often this gets worse later in the day.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Bored And Bored

Dunno what happened today but kept changing games and just didnt enjoy any of them. When i had finally raked enough i was nicely in profit but hell im so glad i didnt choose the higher rake promotion as i would be hating this right now. The lower one allows me more days off and im probably gonna take advantage of that this weekend given the day ive had today.

Made £374 and sitting on +£1,999 for March. Should clear a $500 bonus tommorrow as well :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Close But Good

Another solid day on the cash tables and along with rakeback of £233 i finished a total of +£913 on the day. Im knackered and done my rake requirement but games are still awful so having a mini debate with myself whether to play any more tonight.

Close bit of night was $50 rebuy on ongame network, plo hi lo GSOP. Ran well in this and picked spots as well as i could be happy with i think. In the end though the highest i ever got was 12/24 (392 entrants). My bust hand was a 3 way allin preflop with KK45 which ive run through an odds calculator and i was bang on 33% equity , although more likely to scoop than any of the others. It was a good spot to gamble and if i had scooped i would have gone chipleader of 23 left but it was not to be and i bust in 23rd. Got sommat like $330 for effort but i was in for over $250 lol. First place was over $10k + a $5k seat :(( Very very top heavy payout.

As i said though gutted but luck on day was excellent so not a big moan :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

March Forward

Good first day. Only went for lower rake promo but still have to put a lot of hours in early in the month and i want to keep the hours up mixing in the other site later in the month as much as possible.

+£712 and only £36 of that was rakeback received :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Feb End

Im still undecided about March. Finished before midnight tonight and gonna get as early a sleep as possible and try and decide before i drop off. At the moment i think its 25/75 that i will do the larger rake. Im definitely at least doing the smaller one and its enough of a slog that at least i can decide on future levels of rake. At the same time i will continue with the hi lo limit and see where it gets me with thousands more hands under my belt. Hopefully by the end of March (or before) it will be clear what games are suiting me best and also which ones are more rewarding and fun to play.

Febs finished at a loss of £131 in the end. Add the potential rakeback and 58% of a bonus i will receive soon and its not really a loss and it doesnt feel like it. Im surprised im not more disappointed really but my attack on 10/20 cost me badly at the start of the month so ive only got myself to blame. I would estimate i probably raked somewhere around 40% of what i did when i was flat out in Jan.