Friday, March 25, 2011

Chunky Loss

Frustrating week i guess although i wasnt that disappointed until last night. Basically after last post i lost £700 odd and spent a few days grinding back up. I then lost another £500 odd but thought i was grinding that back until last nights destruction. Basically lost £900 odd after bubbling a sat for £1090 live seat. I have put in quite a lot of volume though so i guess theres a lot of hidden rakeback behind the scenes. Out tonight and sunday so not sure quite how much ill play this weekend. Anyways sitting on +£3,943 for month which is still good.

Edit....(2 hours later)
todays 2 hour session was complete reverse from last night, only difference was on lower stakes but still got a nice $ back. now on +£4,460 and done for day unless play drunk later.

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