Thursday, March 31, 2011

March/April Thoughts

Pretty solid month i guess. Currently +£5,119 and over halfway to a $4k bonus on stars and rakeback in region of $1200 on other site. Have option of playing about 7.5hours a day all month next month on other site but im pretty sure i wont be going down that road. The plan at mo is to see how i cope playing just hi lo limit 95%+ of time all month and all on stars. Im interested to see if i get bored, frustrated or tilted or to what extent. As well as that obviously i wanna see what sort of vpps i can achieve over a month. Also whether i end up in profit before rakeback and bonuses etc. Ive done about 50k vpps this month but i reckon i will pass double that next month unless i change my plan part way through the month. I may put some stats on here for all the limits i play which currently range from 1/2 up to as high as 30/60$.

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