Friday, March 18, 2011

The Longest Day

I dnno if ive played this much all year even when i was in that rake promo in Jan. Been pretty much flat out since midday with a dinner break and only small breaks inbetween really. Reckon if i take the breaks out ive definitely played over 13 hours and maybe twards 14 hours.

Im still playing now, i cant leave the 2/4 hi lo table im on with 2 real bad players on it.

3 sides to my days really:

First was steady and lots of run good and play good etc to go about +£800

Second was playing some of worst plo hi lo ive seen for a while on 2/4 x 2 and 1 x 3/6 and getting destroyed. Was still probably just in profit for £100 or so at worst point here.

Third was just golden beyond belief. Recovered most of the hi lo loss. At the same time i defintely have never run so well on limit hi lo tables on stars. Im still in and out of stars at mo but getting real tired so just sticking to plo hi lo 1 table for the moment.

I havent played as many tables at once today and overall its paid huge dividends. Instead of maybe 6-8 tables its been more like 2-4 the majority of the time.

Ill try to post final profit when i finish but im currenty in running up today in the region of +£1,750 on the day :))

EDIT: now 5am and 1 fish left although new guy i dnt know has just sat so could still be here for a while. Also done well so far on a juicy limit hi lo at same time. +£1920 in running.
hmmm as i wrote that new guy virtually bust and other guy sat out but not left yet.

5:20am : finally left just over £2,000 up on the day. +£5,197 for March .


Anonymous said...

Hi Animal,

Pretty impressive results - WD on keeping the Tiltmonster at bay over such long sessions, as the swings must be brutal at times.

Been reading a while - Wouldn't mind railtarding/sweating your PLO Hi/Lo sessions as fancy getting into the cash grind at PLO hi/lo admittedly at lower stakes. What is your Stars user name?

Thanks in advance.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

hi thx for stopping by. my stars alias is HornyAnimal but i dnt play much pl on there, its 95%+ limit. ure generally btter playing on other netwrks with just europeans anyway if ure playing plo hi lo.