Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Feb End

Im still undecided about March. Finished before midnight tonight and gonna get as early a sleep as possible and try and decide before i drop off. At the moment i think its 25/75 that i will do the larger rake. Im definitely at least doing the smaller one and its enough of a slog that at least i can decide on future levels of rake. At the same time i will continue with the hi lo limit and see where it gets me with thousands more hands under my belt. Hopefully by the end of March (or before) it will be clear what games are suiting me best and also which ones are more rewarding and fun to play.

Febs finished at a loss of £131 in the end. Add the potential rakeback and 58% of a bonus i will receive soon and its not really a loss and it doesnt feel like it. Im surprised im not more disappointed really but my attack on 10/20 cost me badly at the start of the month so ive only got myself to blame. I would estimate i probably raked somewhere around 40% of what i did when i was flat out in Jan.

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