Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confused About March Now

I have eased off and been out drinking and am out drinking tommorrow etc. However in the process of this i played a chunk of limit hi lo earlier in the month at low levels to get enough points for some amazon vouchers. After doing this ive kind of tweeked my game somewhat and it seems to be making quite a difference. It seems to work a couple of levels higher too but its still early days and ive not done nearly enough hands to conquer variance and know a rate for sure.

So onto the decision as to whether to put this on hold for a month and slog it out on my primary site or maybe go for the lower option on that promo and continue on with this on the side to see how it goes.

As i write this it seems to make sense to not rake the $12k and only rake $3600ish to get a total bonus of $750 on top of rakeback. I willl also clear a separate $500 bonus after $1400ish rake so it still makes sense to do both things and not ditch this promotion completely. If the hi lo on other site doesnt work i can attack another promotion next month instead i guess. Obviously the hi lo is on stars so if theres any chance of success on it i need to try it now so ive still got the rest of the year to reach high vip levels.

Watch this space i guess ill have a think tommorrow down the pub and monday when im hungover ! Sitting on +£56 for Feb now :)

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