Friday, February 25, 2011

Back In ---

Some really bad games about today but couldnt get the luck on the important ones. Key pot and biggest pot of day was on 2/4 hi lo for $800 when on the turn there was about 85$ in the pot after i had chk called pot on the flop. chkraised matey allin on turn for 350ish each and he calls with no low draw, no flush draw and 1 pair (obv i had 2 pair, a low draw and a flush draw). Yukky 8out hit river for him though, sickest bit is this guy hardly ever bluffs and somehow i had picked up i was good on turn with obv some backup if i wasnt :(

Anyway last couple hours a got a bit back but still well down on the day, sitting somewhere around -£200 for the month.

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