Monday, February 14, 2011

Latest Report

Grinded back over a few days a little a day. Then shouldnt have played yesterday (hungover) but saw a weak game and couldnt resist. Ended up losing 3 or 4 hundred £ in it after some sick outdraws and coolers, wasnt happy.

Today i have been pretty much flat out. Whilst i got coolered and outdraws plenty early (even the old 1 outer for $600) i didnt lose my rag as much as i might have expected and stuck with it for hour after hour. Was playin a lot of 2/4hi lo and even 3/6 and eventually managed to turn things round. I didnt tally it but i know i was down at least £600 at one point but managed to turn that around and pretty much win back what i lost in the session the day before. Was the most ive raked by a mile for one in February so maybe i will build on this and get some more volume in.

Anyways sitting at -£1,884 which isnt too bad really. A couple of really good days in terms of volume and luck and i could wipe a lot of that out. 2 weeks of Feb left though so i guess general target would be to get back to at least level and get some nice rakeback to put into later months profits. Games are good though so i knw if i can wipe out that loss quick i could still finish a chunk up maybe, just depends how lazy i am i guess. Oh also i have roughly £500 worth of bonuses i can cash in shortly and clear on a couple of sites so that will help.

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