Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frustration Day But Future Stuff

Didnt play a huge volume today as i was busy all evening. Did ok in afternoon but this evening was mini carnage. The games were so bad but i just couldnt get a grip on it. Damage wasnt huge so i guess it aint so bad but i was hoping for another good day after the last 2. Lost about £300 on the day.

Anyway got some decisions to make before the end of the month. Im looking at another promotion that would involve raking about $12,000 on one site for the first 30 days in March. The reward isnt huge at a bonus of about 25% of that rake on top of the normal 30 or 40% but:

+it would force me to play volume like most of Jan which overall was a big success
+im keen to push my profit up after what looks like its gonna be a bit of a disappointing Feb
+if i do push my profit up well by end May it gives me a bigger and more comfortable roll to afford to play with at the wsop.
+it kind of makes sense to do another month like Jan while its still winter/early spring.
+its a weird promo but i reckon basically i would hav 2 full days off between 1st and 30th March
+it will make it easier to drink less alcohol !

-Its a big slog and its important im fully committed to it from day 1 as 75%ish of the volume is the first 18 days.
-I really need to sort a lot of personal stuff out before end Feb if im doing this. Housework and other general stuff take a back seat once one of these promos starts.
-It will restrict me back to one main site the majority of the month. I havent mentioned much on this blog but im spreading my play across 4 or 5 sites this month and its made a nice change to move around a bit.
-I obviously cant go on any trips and i hadnt yet ruled out vegas. I see this as a negative but if i dnt go out until June it seems easier to justify a much longer stay so maybe its a positive ?

So lots of positives and negatives to think about. There is a lesser option to only rake $3,750 to get 20% extra rakeback which is certainly the easier option and would allow me to carry on similar to Feb across a few sites and at my own pace.

Im keen to book my vegas flights for June asap so i need to have another look at the schedule and pencil in some potential dates. I think i definitely want to book for over a month but the mian decision is whether to rule out playing the main event which seems a bit sad this early in the year. I dnt see me playing many/any sats given how i just cant face online holdem mtts at all any more. There is always the chance though of getting some freeroll or promotion closer to the time to get a seat. I guess it that did happen i would just absorb the xtra cost to change a booking.

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