Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confused About March Now

I have eased off and been out drinking and am out drinking tommorrow etc. However in the process of this i played a chunk of limit hi lo earlier in the month at low levels to get enough points for some amazon vouchers. After doing this ive kind of tweeked my game somewhat and it seems to be making quite a difference. It seems to work a couple of levels higher too but its still early days and ive not done nearly enough hands to conquer variance and know a rate for sure.

So onto the decision as to whether to put this on hold for a month and slog it out on my primary site or maybe go for the lower option on that promo and continue on with this on the side to see how it goes.

As i write this it seems to make sense to not rake the $12k and only rake $3600ish to get a total bonus of $750 on top of rakeback. I willl also clear a separate $500 bonus after $1400ish rake so it still makes sense to do both things and not ditch this promotion completely. If the hi lo on other site doesnt work i can attack another promotion next month instead i guess. Obviously the hi lo is on stars so if theres any chance of success on it i need to try it now so ive still got the rest of the year to reach high vip levels.

Watch this space i guess ill have a think tommorrow down the pub and monday when im hungover ! Sitting on +£56 for Feb now :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Back In ---

Some really bad games about today but couldnt get the luck on the important ones. Key pot and biggest pot of day was on 2/4 hi lo for $800 when on the turn there was about 85$ in the pot after i had chk called pot on the flop. chkraised matey allin on turn for 350ish each and he calls with no low draw, no flush draw and 1 pair (obv i had 2 pair, a low draw and a flush draw). Yukky 8out hit river for him though, sickest bit is this guy hardly ever bluffs and somehow i had picked up i was good on turn with obv some backup if i wasnt :(

Anyway last couple hours a got a bit back but still well down on the day, sitting somewhere around -£200 for the month.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back In +++

Just been playing little bits here and there since last post. Pretty sure im gonna put myself through 60hrs weeks all March for promo. Im easing off to start as mentally fresh as possible, without worrying too much about the final Feb bottom line.

I have cleared a £250 bonus and just had very small steady wins really and now sit at +£226. Its been a long 3 weeks since i was in profit for Feb but im glad i grinded my way out of it without taking any more big risks.

Despite not really feeling like ive played all that much this month ive still raked over $2,600 on my primary site. Add 3 or 4 others and ive still probably raked $4000-$5000 at a guess.

Expect next few days to be much the same as i still need to do stuff around the house if im gonna be flat out in March. Also out Fri and bound to be hungover Sat. Monday almost certain to be a complete day off maybe too. I may still play a load tommorrow though, see what my moods like first.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slowly Getting There

Cant get on any sort of roll this month and 1 or 2 steps forward are quickly followed by 1 or 2 steps back. After last post ive had some swingy days including a -£600 one yesterday which fortunately i dug out of to only a -£120 by end of day. Today was better though and now sitting at -£477 for the month. I should clear a £250 bonus v shortly and whilst im not raking anything near what i did last month i still think ive done an ok volume this month.

Just read back Jans promo blog posts and everything seems to suggest it would be good for me to attempt similar in March. Pretty much wnna decide in the next few days so i can really ease off the last few days in preparation for some huge volume, especially in the opening week.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frustration Day But Future Stuff

Didnt play a huge volume today as i was busy all evening. Did ok in afternoon but this evening was mini carnage. The games were so bad but i just couldnt get a grip on it. Damage wasnt huge so i guess it aint so bad but i was hoping for another good day after the last 2. Lost about £300 on the day.

Anyway got some decisions to make before the end of the month. Im looking at another promotion that would involve raking about $12,000 on one site for the first 30 days in March. The reward isnt huge at a bonus of about 25% of that rake on top of the normal 30 or 40% but:

+it would force me to play volume like most of Jan which overall was a big success
+im keen to push my profit up after what looks like its gonna be a bit of a disappointing Feb
+if i do push my profit up well by end May it gives me a bigger and more comfortable roll to afford to play with at the wsop.
+it kind of makes sense to do another month like Jan while its still winter/early spring.
+its a weird promo but i reckon basically i would hav 2 full days off between 1st and 30th March
+it will make it easier to drink less alcohol !

-Its a big slog and its important im fully committed to it from day 1 as 75%ish of the volume is the first 18 days.
-I really need to sort a lot of personal stuff out before end Feb if im doing this. Housework and other general stuff take a back seat once one of these promos starts.
-It will restrict me back to one main site the majority of the month. I havent mentioned much on this blog but im spreading my play across 4 or 5 sites this month and its made a nice change to move around a bit.
-I obviously cant go on any trips and i hadnt yet ruled out vegas. I see this as a negative but if i dnt go out until June it seems easier to justify a much longer stay so maybe its a positive ?

So lots of positives and negatives to think about. There is a lesser option to only rake $3,750 to get 20% extra rakeback which is certainly the easier option and would allow me to carry on similar to Feb across a few sites and at my own pace.

Im keen to book my vegas flights for June asap so i need to have another look at the schedule and pencil in some potential dates. I think i definitely want to book for over a month but the mian decision is whether to rule out playing the main event which seems a bit sad this early in the year. I dnt see me playing many/any sats given how i just cant face online holdem mtts at all any more. There is always the chance though of getting some freeroll or promotion closer to the time to get a seat. I guess it that did happen i would just absorb the xtra cost to change a booking.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another 4am Update

Arrrgh cant get this body clock any earlier at mo. Im on not sleep b4 6am and not get up b4 1:30pm and have been for i dunno how long now. Im tired as i write this so theres so hope tonight of dropping off a bit earlier.

When i wrote the last post i felt confident and i guess it came out in my play as ive chopped the loss for the month down to -£743 with 2 days of more than +£500 each. More of this please.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Latest Report

Grinded back over a few days a little a day. Then shouldnt have played yesterday (hungover) but saw a weak game and couldnt resist. Ended up losing 3 or 4 hundred £ in it after some sick outdraws and coolers, wasnt happy.

Today i have been pretty much flat out. Whilst i got coolered and outdraws plenty early (even the old 1 outer for $600) i didnt lose my rag as much as i might have expected and stuck with it for hour after hour. Was playin a lot of 2/4hi lo and even 3/6 and eventually managed to turn things round. I didnt tally it but i know i was down at least £600 at one point but managed to turn that around and pretty much win back what i lost in the session the day before. Was the most ive raked by a mile for one in February so maybe i will build on this and get some more volume in.

Anyways sitting at -£1,884 which isnt too bad really. A couple of really good days in terms of volume and luck and i could wipe a lot of that out. 2 weeks of Feb left though so i guess general target would be to get back to at least level and get some nice rakeback to put into later months profits. Games are good though so i knw if i can wipe out that loss quick i could still finish a chunk up maybe, just depends how lazy i am i guess. Oh also i have roughly £500 worth of bonuses i can cash in shortly and clear on a couple of sites so that will help.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Back Playing

Took a long break and didnt play at all over a long weekend.
Managed maybe 3 hours play yesterday and prob about 5 today.
Knocked a little off febs loss but nout too exciting, sitting at -£2,348
Oh i did get a royal flush earlier beat 4 kings on omaha hi lo. Was funny as shutting down on turn as nit called me on a KJJcc flop but Ac hit turn and he rivered king. Wasnt a big pot but 100% biggest beat ive seen on plo or plo hi lo :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Should have took longer off. Pretty much hated every single hand and session since 1st Feb. Got no enjoyment or motivation and combined today with coolers beyond coolers, tilt beyond tilt and complete idiot plays being rewarded i sit at -£2,600. *** poker for the time being i think. Got no explanation for any of it, woke up yesterday in a bad mood for no reason and been like it since.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jan Final Figures

Includes my bonus of $1,500 from promotion and have deducted some software tools cost i bought as well.


Best month since Nov 2009.

Feel a bit lazy regarding poker with no real focus yet this month but will worry more if im still like this next week as ive got loads of stuff i need to do around the house ive put off in Jan.