Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back In +++

Just been playing little bits here and there since last post. Pretty sure im gonna put myself through 60hrs weeks all March for promo. Im easing off to start as mentally fresh as possible, without worrying too much about the final Feb bottom line.

I have cleared a £250 bonus and just had very small steady wins really and now sit at +£226. Its been a long 3 weeks since i was in profit for Feb but im glad i grinded my way out of it without taking any more big risks.

Despite not really feeling like ive played all that much this month ive still raked over $2,600 on my primary site. Add 3 or 4 others and ive still probably raked $4000-$5000 at a guess.

Expect next few days to be much the same as i still need to do stuff around the house if im gonna be flat out in March. Also out Fri and bound to be hungover Sat. Monday almost certain to be a complete day off maybe too. I may still play a load tommorrow though, see what my moods like first.

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