Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xmas Update

I had 1 complete day off (Xmas Day) . Since my last post here's my daily results anyway:


Top one was a drunk one where i didnt run well and a lot went fast. Cant remember too much about the others except todays. Went £1,000 down at lunchtime and returned to grind later. Got it back then managed to go up £2,000 before going back to £300 down. Finshed well though and ended up the £1,000 up above for the day.

Doesnt look likely i'll reach £20k for the obvious reasons above but hopefully i wont lose too much tommorrow on any last minute spin up attempts. I may end up playing a lot tommorrow as ive got a bit of a cold so i may not even go out drinking, just have to see on the day.

Year review and stuff to come in another post. May even manipulate my years profits and reduce them to allow for paying for some of the aussie side events in advance and kinda "freeroll" them. Makes a lot of sense to me seeing as my satellite efforts are non existent of late.

Right early night at 5:30am now ! If im lucky i should be on Aussie time before i get there (leave on the 5th) given my sleeping patterns of late !!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to all the fans, readers etc :)

Good day today although 2nd session was a failure it wasnt a big loss. Basically 2/4 2/5 and a 1/2euro table for first 2.5hrs and made £2,500. Took a needed break but when i came back i was fighting losses pretty much the whole time. Still was on 2/5 2/4 1/2euro along with a bit of 3/6 euro and in the end only lost £200 for the session when i was running cold so a good result i guess.

Obviously unsure how much i'll play next few days although i am keen to reach £20k for the month. I wont be blogging anyway for a few days.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

G'Day Mate / Sawatdee krap

Busy couple of days but not through poker. I did play yesterday but wasnt in the mood really so only did a couple of hours in the evening still making £500 on safe stakes omaha. The 2 mtts i played got the standard bad beats for huge and nice stacks. I went back on at 3am though but the tables were dead, managed some 30/60 limit HU for a $500 profit but then i lost 2 or 3 buyins on 2/4 before doing the animal crazy thing and sitting on 100/200 limit HU with $4000. Fortunately i ran and played good and made a nice chunk ending up £2,200 up on the day.

Anyway the news is im booked almost fully for my longest trip yet away. Leave home on 5th January and dont return until 8th February 2009. All booked, i think 17 nights in Melbourne, Australia where i plan to play lots of Aussie Millions side events and a few satellites. I then fly to Bangkok, Thailand on the way back and stay in some luxury looking apartment for 2 weeks.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Back On

The wagon, the easy stakes and the right track. All 2/4 and 3/6 tonight. £1,400 up and havent put nearly so many hours in. May play more later but taking a long break if not end night now. Also played maybe half a dozen multis and didnt cash in any. Lost some huge chipleader pots behind and ahead but all the buyins are included in the profit above so actually few hundred up more from omaha on the day. Can see me playing a fair bit before the end of December so hopefully get back up above £20k without too much gambling, a sort of target for me anyway.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


OOoops , been as high as 25/50 omaha chasing really but got away with it. Basically lost $4,500 before going bout $1000 up but ended up level. Happy with that as pretty damn drunk...... Time to finish pizzzza b4 crashing and hopefully no hangova and some dcent games 2moz night but hav to c.


Holy crap cant help it total addict, done a wad on slots then chased it on blackjack, at worst was almost way down and busting one account but variance/luck kicked in and up a bit............I AM officially a car crash waiting to happen

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Note

Off out in 2 mins so must be quick. Just to mention made £2,100 last night on 2/4 and 3/6 only so chuffed to be back on the right road. Still luv omaha as much as ever. Obviously this could go tits up drunk later but thats all part of the fun risk element. Right Lagggggggggger time :))

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mental Times

Got over some of the headfuk from yesterday but theres still some way to go. Still i will be limited the next few days with my hours i put in anyway so hopefully start a fresh next week.

Right first things first, after that post last night i was stupid enough to go back on and the beats kept coming. £6000 later and i left and hit the online casino. £1000 later i managed to win £3000 so basically lost another £4,000 and a nice round £20k on the day.

So onto today, i know the best thing i have done today is to not play above 3/6. I have actually been in profit £0-£1,500 all night then the beats come at the end and i finish £300 down. A nice rivered $2,500 pot on 2/4 against guy that was just golden against me all night in every big pot, so sick. I probably put too many hours in today but i woke up so late i didnt have anything else to do and i know i played solid for the 8hours+ that ive put in anyway. Still up just under £8,000 for the month and determined not to do sommat silly and turn that into a losing month as that would truly hurt.

Also confused to high heaven bout holidays now. Aussie, Fuerventura, Thailand, Vegas as well as a few other less likely but possible locations, just cant seem to make any firm decisions. Given how messed up i was from yesterday its not surprising. Well Vegas is end April and fares seem cheap but im gnna wait as dnt see a rush to book given the current global climate.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The End

It was fun while it lasted but i need some time off to re-evaluate (if thats a word) after what was my clear biggest daily loss by a mile. Didnt do too much wrong, especially in the biggest pots and it was just one of those days i guess. If i can b assed i'll list the worst down below to get them out of my system anyway. Basically an £18,000 loss on the day though......................... Change that just played 25/50 HU for 45mins and now £16,400 down for the day. Could been worse i guess, i think i was down £23,000 at one point, oooooooooops.

Right errrrr:

KsKx8x7x vs As,10s,10x8x vs Kx10x6s4s Basically reraised pot preflop and all checked the flop im first to act on turn with $900 in pot. I have the others covered who have $4,600 and $5,000 b4 the flop. Board to turn is 6x9s3s10h i dnt lead but look to trap which works as the 2nd guy pot raises thinkin the other guy is at it. River comes 5s and i lose the $14,500 pot. odds to win were 58%/42%/0% respectively. What pissed me off was the fact the A10108 guy who raised preflop didnt bet the flop but still got gifted the pot, so sick.

Having almost left i stayed at the same table, got one huge bluff through and managed to progress my next $5k up to $9k then this hand occurred:

Button AsAxKs9x , BB has me covered and reraises pre with Kc8x7c6s. I get $1,675 in preflop and he flat calls it. Flop is a Js9c3c and he check raises me allin at the last second, I mean wtf as if he can fold after such a fishy call preflop out of position. Anyway river Qc and i lose the $18,000 pot. Preflop we are 60/40 and on the flop 47.5/52.5 , laughable the guy so close to folding on the flop, gimme strength.

Thats the 2 big ones but there were countless others around the $4k mark which i dnt think i can b assed to list.
Oh just found another most money going in on turn when im 75% to win a 3way pot for $4k, cnt b assed to list dtls. 10/20

Ok 2 more against same guy but not listing it all. set kings lose to set aces, i could have layed this down and if the turn didnt give me gutshot and flushdraw as well i think i would have done but i missed river with 60% cash goin in on turn for a $5k pot. 10/20. He also did me in a pot earlier which i will describe or list below which made my set even less foldable and him even luckier to hit such a flop after suckin out earlier.

Ok basically the muppet reraise me pre when he aint deep stacked enough to see a flop etc when i raise back preflop. But he calls 45% of his stack preflop neway with AKQ4dbl suited. I have AAKJ 1 suit but of course he is gifted the pot. Money goes in on flop for his gutshot and top pair (i have ace and king blocked of his so its only just the flushdraw+tiny bit. Rivers that beautiful flush even though i block 1 of them too. Odds Preflop and on Flop. 68/32 and 47/53 , yeh it was worth 45% of your stack preflop to get ahead on the flop, wp sir.

Still nicely up on the month but like i say i prob should lie low for a day or 2, i'll see what my brain and my mood is like tommorrow. I knw i should be more gutted or pissed off but i dont feel that bad now ive blogged neway. Lets face it im not entitled to win either but if i win the big ones above or just one of them my day is totally different considering they were £9,000 and £12,000 pots respectively.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hard Work On My Figure(s)

Today was a test of my willpower and i guess i passed although i was well moody and almost tilty at one point. I even tried to do some exercise but kind of failed miserably, seriously need to sort that :(

Started with an hour in afternoon for £900 profit. Returned a couple of hours later and played a couple more hours. This time beats and running bad was coming in big time at one point. Fortunately there wasnt more than 2-3 £thousand damage and i made most of that back playing a KKxx hand perfect 3 ways on 25/50 with a perfect value bet of $1100 (1/2 pot) on a Q5x5x board 3 way which was paid by AQxx. I was still gettin some real sick pots though and knew it was time for a long break or rest of night off. Off to the pub and back at 12:30am.

I returned only £200 up for the day (but feeling like a loss) but in a much better frame of mind than when i left. Again there were some sick pots out there (i actually lost $2000 3handed 1st hand on a 50%er) but this time i ran normal of late = good and managed to get a decent profit together finishing £2,300 up on the day.

I seemed to know when im starting to lose my focus and do something about it which is a big bonus if i can realise that in future days/weeks/months........ just have to see i guess.

Right im off to look at more holiday stuff, im now thinking of Aussie millions in January ??? Lets face it its normally the worst month to be in the UK by a mile. Nice decisions to have to make anyway.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Gettin Boring

Didnt play yesterday due to monster hangover but hit the tables with a vengeance today. The first hour session i made £1,600 and even had about 20 hands at 50/100 omaha which i havent touched before.

Moving on to the evening i didnt run well at all and found myself in the hole for £2-3k for the majority of it but not at high stakes thankfully. Eventually patience paid off and variance came back and i finished only £300 down for the 4-5hours i had played.

That was going to be it for the night and i then watched tv before searching more Thailand info and Vegas stuff also. Lookin like Feb and April respectively for both and im keen to book them both this week just to make Xmas that little bit sweeter.

Anyways i decided to go back on at almost 3am as i didnt feel tired at all. Golden session playing 5/10 10/20 and 2 x 25/50 although i shut one of these after not playing that long to focus better. Ran bad on the 5/10 but the 25/50 was sweet and i even induced bluffs playing the right hands slow which can backfire sometimes. Result was £5,100 up for that hour and a total of £6,400 up on the day.

Im sure a losing (and probably a chunky one) session will knock me back soon but whilst im golden and playing well i will continue to blog my daily results. Im keeping each day separate and, more imporantly, keeping my feet on the ground. I know a few factors have increased my level but im also aware ive probably ran incredibly well this month so far.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Business Is Good

Since the last post nothing has changed. Basically playing well and running even better. Last 3 days have seen me record profits of £2,600, £700 and £5,500 with only the latter one involving anything above 3/6 (lots of 10/20 drunk at 8am this morning). Unfortunately money is not everything and im not even that excited about it and do see it as a business totally at the moment. Our 18 year old cat had to be put down a couple of days ago so im in a strange mood but a reminder of how precious life is and i seem to have taken what positives i can out of it.

Was hoping to play some bigger stuff tonight but i feel well rough from the booze so it might just be a couple of free ones i qualifed for. 1,050euros 1million guaranteed on boss too and as i always im left saying i should be playing it but im not.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poker And Not Much Else

Still playing loads as planned. The last couple of days go into two sections though.

Yesterday and tonight up until about 11pm i played solid, ran well and never went higher than $5/10 recording £500 and £2,200 respectively.

All seemed too easy but then i got bored and instead of finding something else to do non poker i ventured onto some holdem tables for a change. Wish i hadnt as every hand was rags and when i did get sommat half decent or tried to make some sort of play it was bad timing or picked off. Lots of overbetting on the NL tables i was on, is that normal for cash holdem these days at 10/20 ? Not sure what i lost but know it was £1-£2k before i stopped. I now had an urge for 25/50 omaha though and sat with $1000 which quickly bust. Next $1000 got up to $2500 before busting it too and just loaded for the full $5000. Eventually left in profit though ($8k ish) and only £1,300 up on the night (down from the £2,200 above) . Couldnt say lesson learned cos im itching to play more 25/50, ill have to have a long hard think about it. If i keep this month going i could put up this months profit as a stop loss and really have a decent bash at it. December looks good now but if it ended up £0 with a decent attempt at higher stuff it would not be the end of the world. Important bit is not to tilt which i dont seem to do of late although i like people to think i am :)

Ah well bed now, god knows what im playing tommorrow but was planning a lot of poker of some form again before i ease off for the weekend.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Long Day, Early Night

Put a fair few hours in today and am definitely stopping playing now. Even entered 2 cash multis along with a freeroll. freeroll bust 1st with nuts vs trips allin on turn for river to pair. lost huge pot to bust in 150euro game to have prob gone top 10 10s vs AJ vs AK board coming A105JJ not that it matters really what order obviously. Other £55 managed to cash but lost 33 vs AK to have got a decent average stack in the money and crashed out 14th i think.

Cash games were nice and steady yesterday (+£700) and even better this afternoon (+£1,500) but the downside came a couple of hours ago on 10/20 when i lost the above profit all back in hands playing themselves really, actually cant remember them so know just variance type ones. Moved sites and lost $500 more on 10/20 again before finally getting some variance in my favour and getting $2-$3k back. Just this second done overall tally and +£1,400 for today so obviously well chuffed really and almost at peak for the month again.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another Chance Gone

Another shot at huge prize money (with 30% reinvested which could potentially have led to anything) bit the dust yesterday 5 levels in. I got the start i wanted on a potentially tough table of Surindar Sunar, Joe Beevers, James Dempsey and James Akenhead with a couple of marginal reraises getting through. Passed 66 to Beevers QQ pre before busting him hitting nut flush vs his top pair a while later. I then lost a chunk back trying to find where i was on a K62 flop with A6 (i was the raiser so wsnt too unhappy to lose some chips there). I then survived a 10s vs AK which would have left me on 10k or less which was a very key flip for me.

I moved and got a nice chunky pot with KK before losing some back again when sb insisted on seeing a flop with 45 and beating my bb A5 hand. I moved again and last hand before dinner i lost JJ vs 10s pre to have gone to average chips and was left with only 4600 utg with a 3000bb and 300 ante on return. Went straight on the cider in the break and came back and luckily tripled first hand 10,8 vs Q4 then doubled next hand KJ vs 75std.

Back to 26k i then moved again to the live stream table but within 5 minutes i was allin utg+1 7 handed i think with A8std only for my nemesis (Dennis the Menace i had named him, this is the guy from prev post that had set over set hand after getting runner runner flush cards to split a pot against me) to call with KJoff in the hijack. Board 445JJ and i was gone in about 25th/177 paying 18. Was more gutted not to be still in than the money which i know is a good sign i played well and enjoyed it big time anyway. Dennis now has 500k b4 final table started today, good luck to him as he was a nice chap and everyone has that tournament sometimes where they are so golden they can do no wrong no matter how well they are playing or what standard they are. Some things in poker are destiny and it seemed bizzarre that i managed to move to 4 tables on day 2 and end up busting against him after all the history we had from day 1. Still i will be surprised if he wins it but you never know and i will check later. Dave Colclough was prob favourite left in for me anyway.

Friday, December 05, 2008

A New Me ?

Bristol been great laugh so far. Played the £550 Tuesday night and was back Wednesday night for the 2nd day but ended up making a dodgy call where i was crushed or crushing, i was crushed and busted 19/129ish (paid 12 but so top heavy). Had ran good a few levels in but then lost 44 vs AK and AK vs 44 both to have gone to 100/90k respectively with blinds still lowish. Back to average chips i managed to double near end of day though and came back with a healthy 83,600. Peaked at 100k after getting some more luck then it just all went backwards b4 my bad call. Played some omaha after and watched some truly shocking stuff but it was a fun table anyway, ended up £100 down though.

Yesterday was the main event day 1a and i managed an early double with AA vs KK on a J953 board, having to tank for 5 minutes when matey check raised the turn allin and being level 1 i had to sure if i was wrong i was happy to bust there and then. Stayed at that level for ages then same guy who had got back in from his 3000 left destroyed me. These 2 hands were straight after each other:

75/150 he limps utg for 150 i make it 600 on cutoff with QQ and get caller and him in. Flop is Q87sss and he check raises me allin playing 8000-9000 odd maybe. I instant call and he shows Q8cc and turn and river are spades to split pot. Next hand utg+1 raises to 600 and 4 of us see a flop of Q97. I have 77 this time and my same foe has 99 to double up off me. utg+1 guy had stuck 3500 into the pot on flop also with KK and made a good fold, only for the king to hit the river anyway. Sick days, my stack now was at 18,000 instead of the healthy 40-50k.

Now for the bizzarre bit, i wasnt angry or tilted in the slightest although i knew i needed a drink and hit the lager fairly heavily after that. I just couldnt stop smiling. Think it was no coincidence that i and some others were aware i was sponsored for this event as no one else was in full blue square gear given this was a gala casino event. As i knew i was truly representing a site (rather than just playing a package won from a site) it seemed to give me a much more relaxed attitude to any bad plays or bad luck that came against me.

Anyways was trying to make sommat happen to not come back with too few chips but in the end finished on 16,800 i think (15k starting stack, 800 bb first level back saturday). Thoroughly enjoyed it though despite some hands and just hope i can last a good while longer tommorrow (3pm onwards) to justify my extra couple of days up here.

After that stopped it was still "early" at 1am so i sat on a cash table at about 2am and left it at 6:30am. I have now played 6 card omaha and 6 card omaha hi lo, talk about sick lottery bingo games but they are so addictive. I lost £800 within 10mins but was luving it and in the end finished £150 up. Swings can be so sick in this, i could see that immediately but that wont stop me looking for another game tonight when i go down shortly to see whats happening. This is first time ive logged on to the computer since Tuesday so i knw im having a good time whatever comes of this trip (probably nothing :) ). Laters people.......... Hendon Mob are doing updates, maybe AWOP as well if anyone is interested, i know i wouldnt be yet though :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

New Month New Grind

Set about it today putting £500 into another 3 sites and spreading my play across them. The plan was to play nearly all 2/4$ this month until i won enough to speculate higher. Bust 2 of them and only stayed level on the other. Also had 2 of my regular sites up and i couldnt resist dabbling higher even though its only the 1st of the month. My $1000 on 5/10 lasted all of 5 minutes before losing QJ105ss on a AKxss flop vs AAxx. Fortunately my luck turned on that table after and i ended up leaving with $4500. Alongside that i saw a fish at 25/50 on another site 5 handed so couldnt resist trying a spin up. 2 Lots of $1000 later vs higher full house and 3 way allin pre KKxx i stuck my $3500 left in the account on the table. This time i was golden and ended up leaving with $12,500. Best pot being a $950 pot on flop where i stuck gold with AK89dbl suited vs AAxx for his full $5000 stack, flop 883 and he goin nowhere. May go back on later so if any major diff i blog below but i need to pack some stuff for tommorrow.

Run good at 25/50, run bad below. Went back on followed a similar pattern, losing on 5/10 before trying $1000 spin ups on 25/50 again. Bust 1 then on 2nd i sucked out on a set up hand then almost tripled with top set to leave with $7k. Overall a further £2000 to add to the £5500 earlier.

Summary, maybe a good job im playin live a bit more the next few days cos i dnno what the *** to play online when i get back. The temptations of the 25/50 are huge given its 1st Dec and im now £7,500 in profit. Nice problem to have i guess, although i know wins like these sometimes can be dangerous for future sessions and stakes, just have to see how my mindset copes.

Nov Rev

Spent the night chasing losses and ended up level after dropping over £1500 at one point. Final profit for the month was £7,128 and a £550 live seat ive taken out that already. Happy with that considering being away for 3 weeks of that with limited time spent playing. Expect to hit the tables hard timewise in December and also got Bristol £550 and £1600 events to play in the first week which im looking forward to as well. Also will start looking at possible live events or potential holidays for Jan or Feb as im sick of this cold weather already.