Friday, December 05, 2008

A New Me ?

Bristol been great laugh so far. Played the £550 Tuesday night and was back Wednesday night for the 2nd day but ended up making a dodgy call where i was crushed or crushing, i was crushed and busted 19/129ish (paid 12 but so top heavy). Had ran good a few levels in but then lost 44 vs AK and AK vs 44 both to have gone to 100/90k respectively with blinds still lowish. Back to average chips i managed to double near end of day though and came back with a healthy 83,600. Peaked at 100k after getting some more luck then it just all went backwards b4 my bad call. Played some omaha after and watched some truly shocking stuff but it was a fun table anyway, ended up £100 down though.

Yesterday was the main event day 1a and i managed an early double with AA vs KK on a J953 board, having to tank for 5 minutes when matey check raised the turn allin and being level 1 i had to sure if i was wrong i was happy to bust there and then. Stayed at that level for ages then same guy who had got back in from his 3000 left destroyed me. These 2 hands were straight after each other:

75/150 he limps utg for 150 i make it 600 on cutoff with QQ and get caller and him in. Flop is Q87sss and he check raises me allin playing 8000-9000 odd maybe. I instant call and he shows Q8cc and turn and river are spades to split pot. Next hand utg+1 raises to 600 and 4 of us see a flop of Q97. I have 77 this time and my same foe has 99 to double up off me. utg+1 guy had stuck 3500 into the pot on flop also with KK and made a good fold, only for the king to hit the river anyway. Sick days, my stack now was at 18,000 instead of the healthy 40-50k.

Now for the bizzarre bit, i wasnt angry or tilted in the slightest although i knew i needed a drink and hit the lager fairly heavily after that. I just couldnt stop smiling. Think it was no coincidence that i and some others were aware i was sponsored for this event as no one else was in full blue square gear given this was a gala casino event. As i knew i was truly representing a site (rather than just playing a package won from a site) it seemed to give me a much more relaxed attitude to any bad plays or bad luck that came against me.

Anyways was trying to make sommat happen to not come back with too few chips but in the end finished on 16,800 i think (15k starting stack, 800 bb first level back saturday). Thoroughly enjoyed it though despite some hands and just hope i can last a good while longer tommorrow (3pm onwards) to justify my extra couple of days up here.

After that stopped it was still "early" at 1am so i sat on a cash table at about 2am and left it at 6:30am. I have now played 6 card omaha and 6 card omaha hi lo, talk about sick lottery bingo games but they are so addictive. I lost £800 within 10mins but was luving it and in the end finished £150 up. Swings can be so sick in this, i could see that immediately but that wont stop me looking for another game tonight when i go down shortly to see whats happening. This is first time ive logged on to the computer since Tuesday so i knw im having a good time whatever comes of this trip (probably nothing :) ). Laters people.......... Hendon Mob are doing updates, maybe AWOP as well if anyone is interested, i know i wouldnt be yet though :)


Anonymous said...

Evening Sir Rob

Hope goes well on Sat m8.

Get yourself on AWOP update and look at Table 1 scan for video of your 62 hand with straight on turn. LOL it was the first thing I looked at on the updates and there you were in all your glory. Some people are saying you look gorgeous in yr Bl Sq attire.....



Amatay said...

gl mate, 1 timeeeeeee

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Yeh sick put him on busted flush draw so checked river. Should have mentioned that cos if i move in there and he calls thats the guy that doubled me b4 that hand then went on to chop the QQ vs Q8 b4 the set over set. So many if onlys in poker :(

Anonymous said...

good going animalllllll

kev from vegas