Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May So Far / SCOOP Time

Very very slow start to the month, I think I played a little first couple days then had 4 straight days off drinking/hangovers/not in mood to play.   Resumed a week or so ago and its been pretty steady 2-8 hours days with nothing of interest to report.  Currently sit just under £1,400 before rakeback which is fine and im under ev again which would probably put it towards £2k.   Halfway through month so with rakeback (not sure how much) its a decent enough month without huge volume or being forced to play.

Gonna play some SCOOP now, didn't touch badugi other day and im not gonna play the $700 pl hilo six max today after some deliberation as im not in that serious a mood and don't enjoy 5 card online as much.  Will play the $82 version though so I can not worry about doing something silly.   Gonna ditch the limit O8 too as im out Friday but I still hope to play between 2-6 others in the coming week or so.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Figures

Already posted about the volume side of this month so not too much to report since that.  I had 6 days off completely which was needed/nice then ive just eased back in with 1-4 hours a day the last few days.

Right onto the confusing part.  Actual profit was £10,120 but this was because ive cashed in a lot of rakeback from last year.  Profit without that was £2,107 but with rakeback generated was about £5,800.   Then I should adjust as some of that is paid out as part of a WSOP package which I dnt include in profits unless I cash in the event, also don't include 7 nights free luxury hotel accommodation in that.  

So final "adjusted" figure is approx. £3,407, but I also have entry to a $2,500 event and 7 nights accommodation worth $1,400ish.

As for May, theres no promotion listed yet I can see so might be just playing across a few sites but I would expect some sort of promotion to come up.  Also SCOOP on pokerstars this month and im hoping im in the mood to play several of these.  Last year I finshed 6th/321 in the $700 pl 6max hilo but unfortunately they have changed this event to 5 card this time.  I still enjoy 5 card but prefer it live I think.  Ive listed 9 events to play but will play between 3-6 more likely.  Also this year I will probably avoid the lower buyins in most events , eg not enter a $27 if im in a $215 of it.  Exception maybe the 5 card where its $82.