Friday, July 31, 2009

Very Late 6 Month Review

Just noticed i forgot to do one of these a month ago. I aint gonna waffle on but anyone that reads this blog regularly knows ive had a crazy year so far even with 2 losing months. Hopefully i wont be disappointed with the 2nd half of 2009, or lose too much back ;)

6 months to end June 2009 profit : £236,236

July Review

In the hope i dont play drunk tommorrow i will do most of this now as im busy and probably wont play much if at all during the day. The last week or so has been very steady with not a great number of hours put in on any single day. Most days were £500-£1,500 profits but i did manage a £1,000 loss yesterday before going out on the pop. Today i still didnt play much but action and luck were good and i ended up just under £5,000 up on the day.

After a quick golden quick run at start of July to +£18,000 i went right back down to £1,000 in the hole. I then became more motivated and didnt take things for granted so much and produced a steadier 2nd half of July to finish as shown below.

Final Cash Profit is (see below, edit changed.)


Will edit below if changes or if i take out some buyins for Luton next week i havent decided on yet

Extras not included in above are EPO seat and stake purchased, also Champion of Champions seat in total all worth approximately £3,000.

No expectations for August, no live events if i dont go to Luton. Hopefully just produce another solid month whilst finding a nice house to spend my hard earned cash on. Be nice if the weather resembles summer too.

GL all.

Late Edit:

Did lose £2,000 Friday and ive also decided to buy into Luton omaha and main events for £1,390 so have taken this out of profit too.

Final July Cash Profit : £19,784

Monday, July 27, 2009

The English Poker Open

Right due to my lack of playing any holdem disciplines and discounted seats i have purchased a seat to this event in mid Septemper rather than attempt to qualify. Its held at Dawn Till Dusk in Nottingham which i am yet to visit but have wanted to for a while.

A seat is worth $5,300 but there are plenty of freerolls to this event all through raketherake for $7,000 packages.

Anyone who is interested and has not signed up for any accounts through raketherake can use the banner at the top of my blog to direct you to their sign up page. For the schedule of freerolls see the link below, most of which involve raking $1 if you are a new player at each site.

As for anyone else (like u Den if u reading this) seats are going for $3,500 currently (see link below) but if you hold out they may go even lower after each batch of freerolls left are played closer to the event.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Spot The Pattern

A few solid days since the last post. Didnt overplay, took breaks and had good game selection. Then today most of that went to pot today. Chase chase chase with no breaks and several hours poker non stop and im £4,000 down today. Could have been worse though as i lost my head a couple of times and was in one of my dumb rages. I was probably about double that down at one point and i even ventured onto 25/50 to try and make or break the damage. Fortunately got away with that but with a balance still in ipoker it will be difficult to resist being tempted back there in the coming days.

Right thats todays crap out the way, back to the positives. The 2 days before i made almost exactly £5,000 a day each on usual cash games. I even entered a NL holdem $550 tourney but made the final table only to lose a flip immediately then lose 10s vs J4std for remainder short 4xbb stack. Then yesterday i was down only £2000-£3000 most of the night but running good and playing solid in the bl sq $215 1 rebuy 1 addon tourney. Only 27 runners but pretty much chip leader from start to finsh and prob bust between 1/3-1/2 of the field myself :)) to win it. That $4900 for $615 wiped out my losses and later on an ok cash session put me about £1,000 up on the day. For 1st i also won entry to the GUKPT champion of champions event (added prize) on 5th Dec in Luton. Difficult to put a value on that as everyone starts with different stacks depending on which tourneys they won. Its another freeroll live event to look forward to though so im not complaining. See GUKPT link website for details.

Im busy looking at houses , 7 so far, 3 or 4 more 2moz. No idea what i want but gaining info with each viewing.

There are lots of live poker events in Sept/Oct which i have listed on excel and im trying to decide what sort of schedule will suit me best and which ones to travel too. Im still to rule out GUKPT Luton a week wednesday too, will probably decide about this time next week.

Oh and if u didnt spot the pattern its 2-3 solid days poker then a dodgy as *** day where i lose my head, get into a mad rage, and generally try to minimalise the losses after playing way too much of the wrong games and chasing as much as possible. Bring on the weekend of cider :))

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cink or Swim

Well since the last post i busted a few more accounts the same night i think. With my head in a bit better shape after 24 hours break i made sure my table choice was better and the last few days the profit returned. Today however i played too long again and managed to go on a £5,000 downswing before clawing it back. Lost my head a couple of times but happy enough with my effort as a whole in what was too long a session without breaks.

Couldnt resist my biggest sports bet to date (£580 or what happened to be my whole betfair balance) earlier after watching poor Tom Watson dropping a shot on the 18th to only go into a play off. I only looked at the odds out of interest but i expected Watson to be further out than 2.3 and couldnt resist lumping it on Cink at the start at what i thought was a juicy 1.7. (1.5 i def would not have bothered betting) . Poor Watson fell apart in the play off and i got about £480 profit i think. It will probably cost me more in the future now though as i have a taste for sports betting and will probably believe im some expert now after one winning bet :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Mins of Madness

Absolutely livid again. Considered a day off but just didnt play until late afternoon when i knew my head was in the right place again. Made a quick few thousand and left again until the evening.

Back this evening and lose to begin with but fair enough pots. Then lose a stack to an idiot than flat calls my reraise with half his stack with 3 pair when i have straight draw and flush draw and representing made straight. Of course he fills up. That wasnt the worst though, more to come. After goin nuts in the chat i hit a few hands and got paid paid paid so back to level for the evening. Then in space of 5-10mins i lose all these hands.

10/20 button raise shortie flat, i repot to $300 odd , raiser only playin $1000 and is a reg who knows im goin nowhere. He repots. he has 9865 and cracks my AA, WTF i go nuts in chat. Seriously $1000 no fold equity with 9 high pre. A few seconds later i manage to get $500 in preflop on 5/10 with AAxx and the other big stack calls me with JJ42 and flops the deserved straight. JJ42 seriously WTF . a minute later and i get 3 bet on 5/10 so i 4 bet my AAxx and get about 350$ in preflop, chump only playin $1100. Flop comes AKx with 2 spades and he chk raises my $370 bet , check raises i MEAN WTF these people think a Kxxx spade draw with no fold equity is a great way to play this. Dont get me wrong i want these fools in but WTF goes through their brains, at least shove it in on the flop and u might get a marginal hand to fold and not hav to make your flush, but nah just chk raise like its some advanced play or sommat. errrr theres one more , the JJ42 guy reraises me and of course i flop KQ108, flop K9x so i raise his flop bet. he has KKxx , hit my straight on turn but yeh of course he still fills up just to wind me up good and proper. ive shut now despite these rediculously bad games goin on i cant take any more and am shutting for the night.

Need to calm down and learn to chill out more i obviously have issues which cause this mass rage when some player plays a pot bad and gets lucky i just go into an instant rage. yeh im over £230k for the year but WTF i cant seem to relax and just pocket the money any more, lose some fckin weight Animal and u might just start relaxing again, *** knws.

And message to u knw who if u read this post, i would never ever soft play even against my best mates, u can ask any of them. Its unethical imo although obv i knw its common place these days with messenger and in live regular games anyway but that doesnt make it right.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Annoying Swings

Won £6k yesterday and was flying for the month again. Today though i played way too long with no breaks and ran rubbish. Result was -£9000 and ripped a key off my laptop in rage. **** it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

House Hunting

Time to spend a chunk of the hard earned poker dosh. Thanks to a very good year so far im able to spend a lot more on a house than i had kind of planned. The difficult part really is knowing how much of a roll i need to leave behind.

Its been a strange week or so since i got back. Was flying along with just a couple of small £1k-£2k loss days and lots of bigger winning days including a £12k one then had a mare Fri night and after being £4k up on the day finished £8k down, ooops. Dont play when tired and angry they dont mix ! Smaller profits since and a drunk session last night i remember nothing of resulting in +£2,500 see me sitting on +£8k for July so far. Action on the few sites i play on has been good and im really enjoying the majority of it since i got back.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Finally im in the airport. Would luv to fast forward 20 hours. Had my last oversized american burger for another trip and fly in 3 hours. Had tiny regret when woke up today about main event starting and me not being in it but i dont think that regret will grow. Got 14% and 5% horses in it anyway so hopefully they will go deep for fun element.

Shame to say it but my 8th visit to vegas has me glad to leave. 5 weeks is a rediculous long time to spend in this city and i havent done myself any favours pacing myself throughout. Without details lessons have been learned.

Obviously my biggest win and my first wsop final table is my highlight but it seems almost another trip ago as was over 4 weeks ago and all ive done since is lose. That said i know i will be happy with what is a successful and profitable trip once i get home to some sort of "normal" routine.

Have upgraded to premium economy but couldnt justify to myself the £1,600 to upgrade to upper class, next time surely. I have spent more on food and booze this trip than ever but i still struggle when it comes to spending what are small chunks of my "hard earned" cash on treating myself properly.

Right onto the figures i guess although maybe still play a bit online in a mo.

£19,450 up from all live poker, staking and gambling (based on $1.6 xchange rate)
£3,140 up from online poker

Total £22,590 profit for wsop trip

Another Flight Change

My last night in Vegas and again i lose at credit card roulette for the 5th time in a row and pay for the lush meal at prime in Bellagio. Then head to Palms PKR party and hit the booze hard. Dunno what time i left there but headed to the 5/10/25 PLO at the Rio. Can remember bits of it inc losing about $6000 preflop on one of the first few hands trying to shut out a big stack with J982 dbl suited but he wasnt folding the aces, oops. Think i ended up level though at about 8am when i left. Remember winding some guy right up when he couldnt get me to stop talkin and i just rabbited on more to annoy the old fart. (Richard if you read this mayb u can enlighten me on that as i think u were behind me at that point!).

Woke up at 11:45am and had taxi booked for midday. Made a feable attempt at packing as quick as possible but knew i was goin nowhere when midway i was puking up hard. Managed to change the flight till tommorrow for another £50 so just been trying to sleep this mental hangova off all day but still feel rough as anything and just been puking more (now 7pm).