Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cink or Swim

Well since the last post i busted a few more accounts the same night i think. With my head in a bit better shape after 24 hours break i made sure my table choice was better and the last few days the profit returned. Today however i played too long again and managed to go on a £5,000 downswing before clawing it back. Lost my head a couple of times but happy enough with my effort as a whole in what was too long a session without breaks.

Couldnt resist my biggest sports bet to date (£580 or what happened to be my whole betfair balance) earlier after watching poor Tom Watson dropping a shot on the 18th to only go into a play off. I only looked at the odds out of interest but i expected Watson to be further out than 2.3 and couldnt resist lumping it on Cink at the start at what i thought was a juicy 1.7. (1.5 i def would not have bothered betting) . Poor Watson fell apart in the play off and i got about £480 profit i think. It will probably cost me more in the future now though as i have a taste for sports betting and will probably believe im some expert now after one winning bet :)


Poker play the Soap way said...

Get it all on England at cricket at 2s on and join the sportslossesadicts club !!!

Anonymous said...

your 32 years old, r u serious?

Pirus said...

Judas you fucked up my bet!