Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Mins of Madness

Absolutely livid again. Considered a day off but just didnt play until late afternoon when i knew my head was in the right place again. Made a quick few thousand and left again until the evening.

Back this evening and lose to begin with but fair enough pots. Then lose a stack to an idiot than flat calls my reraise with half his stack with 3 pair when i have straight draw and flush draw and representing made straight. Of course he fills up. That wasnt the worst though, more to come. After goin nuts in the chat i hit a few hands and got paid paid paid so back to level for the evening. Then in space of 5-10mins i lose all these hands.

10/20 button raise shortie flat, i repot to $300 odd , raiser only playin $1000 and is a reg who knows im goin nowhere. He repots. he has 9865 and cracks my AA, WTF i go nuts in chat. Seriously $1000 no fold equity with 9 high pre. A few seconds later i manage to get $500 in preflop on 5/10 with AAxx and the other big stack calls me with JJ42 and flops the deserved straight. JJ42 seriously WTF . a minute later and i get 3 bet on 5/10 so i 4 bet my AAxx and get about 350$ in preflop, chump only playin $1100. Flop comes AKx with 2 spades and he chk raises my $370 bet , check raises i MEAN WTF these people think a Kxxx spade draw with no fold equity is a great way to play this. Dont get me wrong i want these fools in but WTF goes through their brains, at least shove it in on the flop and u might get a marginal hand to fold and not hav to make your flush, but nah just chk raise like its some advanced play or sommat. errrr theres one more , the JJ42 guy reraises me and of course i flop KQ108, flop K9x so i raise his flop bet. he has KKxx , hit my straight on turn but yeh of course he still fills up just to wind me up good and proper. ive shut now despite these rediculously bad games goin on i cant take any more and am shutting for the night.

Need to calm down and learn to chill out more i obviously have issues which cause this mass rage when some player plays a pot bad and gets lucky i just go into an instant rage. yeh im over £230k for the year but WTF i cant seem to relax and just pocket the money any more, lose some fckin weight Animal and u might just start relaxing again, *** knws.

And message to u knw who if u read this post, i would never ever soft play even against my best mates, u can ask any of them. Its unethical imo although obv i knw its common place these days with messenger and in live regular games anyway but that doesnt make it right.


Fenix35 said...

Sighh, we all have those moments. And it really sucks. I think you are right though that regular exercise and healthy eating does wonders to help your temperament and focus. I've been increasing my levels of exercise before sessions and I can really feel the benefits. I don't feel sluggish as much near the end of my sessions which is the really important part for an MTT grinder ;)

Anyway, good luck at the tables!

badcallthat said...

hia mate! I know your running bad and probly tell me to fuck off lol but as you seem to be the best PLO player i can find on here, i wondered could you look at this hand and tell me if i done anything wrong, I know your primarily a cash player but..

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Pretty much plays itself. Reraise is standard as u gettin a huge % of your stack in pre so post flop is irrelevant. Ul not to get at least 50% of pot when u see the other persons hand in hindsight but hey thats poker. It isnt the best hand in the world preflop with only a A7 low so if u were talkin early levels or really deepstacked u could just call and re-evaluate your options post flop but personally i like reraising all day long and putting more if not all the eggs in 1 basket and at least having some fold equity preflop.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

linked u up neway GL

badcallthat said...

cheers mate, I know about the A7 low part thats were i think me mistake was, but with it being late, only 15/300 left, I needed to make a move as i'd been card dead! cheers for the advice mate, nice one! and good luck turning your temp downswing round which am sure you will!