Monday, July 27, 2009

The English Poker Open

Right due to my lack of playing any holdem disciplines and discounted seats i have purchased a seat to this event in mid Septemper rather than attempt to qualify. Its held at Dawn Till Dusk in Nottingham which i am yet to visit but have wanted to for a while.

A seat is worth $5,300 but there are plenty of freerolls to this event all through raketherake for $7,000 packages.

Anyone who is interested and has not signed up for any accounts through raketherake can use the banner at the top of my blog to direct you to their sign up page. For the schedule of freerolls see the link below, most of which involve raking $1 if you are a new player at each site.

As for anyone else (like u Den if u reading this) seats are going for $3,500 currently (see link below) but if you hold out they may go even lower after each batch of freerolls left are played closer to the event.

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