Friday, July 03, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Finally im in the airport. Would luv to fast forward 20 hours. Had my last oversized american burger for another trip and fly in 3 hours. Had tiny regret when woke up today about main event starting and me not being in it but i dont think that regret will grow. Got 14% and 5% horses in it anyway so hopefully they will go deep for fun element.

Shame to say it but my 8th visit to vegas has me glad to leave. 5 weeks is a rediculous long time to spend in this city and i havent done myself any favours pacing myself throughout. Without details lessons have been learned.

Obviously my biggest win and my first wsop final table is my highlight but it seems almost another trip ago as was over 4 weeks ago and all ive done since is lose. That said i know i will be happy with what is a successful and profitable trip once i get home to some sort of "normal" routine.

Have upgraded to premium economy but couldnt justify to myself the £1,600 to upgrade to upper class, next time surely. I have spent more on food and booze this trip than ever but i still struggle when it comes to spending what are small chunks of my "hard earned" cash on treating myself properly.

Right onto the figures i guess although maybe still play a bit online in a mo.

£19,450 up from all live poker, staking and gambling (based on $1.6 xchange rate)
£3,140 up from online poker

Total £22,590 profit for wsop trip


TEAMDOBB said...

how much did ya allocate against the Shepherds Pies??

safe journey back

Pinky said...

Have fixed the problem with Stars, so that should work if you atnt o try again.

If you would rather Full Tilt then username is "mrpinkmcpink"

Anonymous said...

£1600 for UC upgrade? unreal so expensive.

The way it worked for me was I booked prem economy to start with. Then got e-mail from V a few weeks before travelling offering UC upgrade. Total return cost for UC was about £1400.

Do it next time....its less than a buy in..


Pirus said...

Upper class is very much worth it mate and once you go in that cabin you will never fly any other class.

Virgin upgraded me for free one year and since then I have flown twice and both times have gone in upper class lol.

Keep an eye out though and book in advance they have amazing sales on, I get my return flights for £1300 they are usually about £5k.

Mr Cea said...

lol class how much did u start with at the beginning?

Anonymous said...

wat a legend