Friday, August 31, 2012

And Finally...... (Aug Figures)


Sorry i needed that although i do seem to have finally mellowed a bit from a few hours ago.   Had one of, if not my worst (this year) online day today (could still go back on but not planning to).   Just got destroyed mostly on plo against some huge fish.  Annoyed the hell out of me as i had like 1 losing day since last post, 1 or 2 break evens and lots of steady or good wins.  Prior to 8 hours ago i was at peak of just over £1,000 profit for August having spent 75% of the month in the loss.   Fast fwd to now and i basically lost about £1,600 before cashing in some rakeback ---->  -£467   :((

Uncashed rakeback amounts to over £1,000 but thats not the point as i never include it until i finally cash it in.   So unless i do go on later its officially my 3rd losing month in a row which ive never done before.   On the plus side its a small loss covered by rakeback, a bit similar to last month.  On the down side i really could do with a promotion to focus me next month but theres nout visible on the horizon.  

Volume for August wasnt bad in end ($3,400 gross rake on main site) considering i didnt play more than 4 hours max a day while the Olympics was on.  Trojan attack messed with my desktop and my brain mid month and just could get anything going , especially when sitting on higher end of the stakes.

Its weird how a few hours and 1 session can change your mindset and motivation but could be a tough few days coming.  I was doing well volume and profit wise last couple days especially.  Not sure what ill do , prob just start a fresh tommorrow.  Hoping to take a few shots at WCOOP this month, esp hi lo. Prob give other mixed games a miss though as i just dnt fancy taking the $200+ hits when im struggling to just make a few $ of late.     Arrrrrrrgh so annoying just when everything seemed to be fitting into place in both poker and non poker ARRRRRRRRRRgh.  :(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Once Again....

That didnt last long.   Back in the loss for £434   :((
Had a good afternoon winning ~£200  but evening went much worse dropping ~£600.  I did lose a  buyin on 5/10hi lo but recovered on that site running well on 1/2 plo.  Worst damage was on another site where a bad run saw me lose pot after pot in a short space of time.  Wasnt much i could do about it though and done reasonable volume in total so hopefully that can prop my figures up once again.  Im not annoyed at all unusually just a bit gutted.  Every time i take a shot or semi-shot at higher games i just seem to run awful.  This is now quite a few months of it online.  At end of day as long as i dnt lose too much like i said rakeback will prop me up and hopefully the good times will return soon, twas a golden first 4 months of the year and it would be nice to get back to something resembling that.  Promotion on my main site dnt look good for nxt month as its purely based at mtts.   Sometimes they run a cash games one alongside that sort of promo though so im still crossing fingers right now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Levelling Out Again

Finally got around to getttin my spreadsheet back up again, pretty sure i was worse off than i thought ~a week ago and prob went close to -£1,000.  Still kept at it to finish a promo off on Sunday and played quite a bit today especially this afternoon when i seemed to be more up for it than normal.

I still havent reinstalled pokertracker so ive no idea just how well im running but i kind of like that for a change.   Sit at -£57 now for August and seem to be pretty positive right now about poker or other stuff.  Im kind of hoping theres a decent promotion to my liking next month so might encourage me to play more volume days like today ended up.   In the meantime ill play when i feel like it and maybe even take some time off if the weather holds up.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Play Well ?, Run Bad

I think i played well this afternoon but the pokergods were not smiling on me.  At the end of a 3.5hour session (8pm) i had lost around £700.   Prob dealt with it mentally better than recent times though (most of the loss was mid session) but didnt return in the late evening as i was bit too busy and knackered.   Heres 2 of the worst pots i lost but there were plenty more :(

1) 1/2plo   Q5ss77 in BB, sb is huge loser fish and all fold to him and he tops up.
Flop is A74 with 2 spades, he check raises my pot bet and i repot it.  So a pot of $4 is now in the region of $78 after he had called my bet. 
Turn is 6x and he instant leads pot, i move allin for $160 total and he calls.
River is a blank spade and he shows up with A6ss88.

2) This is same table and less than 5minutes after the hand 1) above
Reg (with a big win rate of between 5-10BB/100) utg raises to $5.50 i think it was , same fish above calls in sb and im in bb with QQ44 (1 suit but not relevant to how hand pans out) and decide to reraise it pot or near pot. Both call and pot is now around $60+
Flop is QJ7 rainbow , i bet 48$ reg flat calls and fish folds.
Turn is a blank rag (no flush draws now) and i move allin for approx $140.  Reg takes time but eventually calls.
River is a 9x and ship to the reg ( 4outs) that had J,7,10,8.  

Im sure if i keep playing like most of today it will turn as i definitely was more on the ball than normal generally.  Just could do with a bit more luck to keep me keen.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The olympics definitely took over the majority of my time since the last post.  I usually watch as much as i can so this was no different to previous ones , all be it on a nicer time zone :)

I did start to play 2-4 hours a day when a promotion dictated i should but never made much progress at all.   After last post i quickly went about £500 up before having a horrendous run but fortunately not losing too much money.   Cant remember exactly but think i was only in the hole for £500 or so at worst.   Been tryin to dig my way out of that the last few days and think ive just about got back to the "level" mark tonight.  Usual angry not enjoying it self generally though :(

In the middle of this i suffered a very very bad trojan attack which pretty much rendered this desktop useless until all was deleted and i started again from scratch.   Never had anything like that before and it was obviously annoying and frustrating.  I try to never go on anything dodgy on this computer and obviously the virus software i pay for was useless in this instance.   Dnt seem to have lost anything monetary , yet to restore my spreadsheets though so not sure exactly where i lie for the month.   Also lost all my pokertracker data but thats not end of world as ive never used the hud on it as i despise them and only really keep it for records and analysis. both daily and long term.  Obviously changed all passwords etc so fingers crossed anyway for the future.

Keep meaning to buy a 2nd monitor so must get round to that sometime soon.  Right time for bed, only other thing i havent mentioned yet is that ive raked just over $1,400 this month so far.  Expect to rake at least $700 more by Sunday to finish a promo but not sure how much i will play after that.   Subsequent promotions, weather, general enjoyment and run good will probably all be a factor in dictating that.   Most of the rake this month has been during very good promotions so in the long run i will get the majority of that back in profit, must keep telling myself that when im close to level or down on the month !

Be lucky.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

July Figures

Dont see much point waffling on about the month as its all too negative and all been said in previous posts.  Finished   -£1,739.   Raked about $2,400 on my main site.  Time to move on....

Olympics is a lucky escape for the time being and im totally addicted to watching 8-10hours nearly every day so far.  That said i did return to the tables today (Fri) as my main site has a couple of promotions overlapping for the next week or so.  This basically means im likely to play 2-4 hours a day every day as its worth my while.  Im hoping its what i needed as im obv struggling for focus on the game right now.  Started ok (nearly all low stakes) raking $150ish and making about £107 in 4hours total.  Lets see if i can stop the rot and not have 3 losing months in a row ! (not happened before so fingers crossed)