Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Play Well ?, Run Bad

I think i played well this afternoon but the pokergods were not smiling on me.  At the end of a 3.5hour session (8pm) i had lost around £700.   Prob dealt with it mentally better than recent times though (most of the loss was mid session) but didnt return in the late evening as i was bit too busy and knackered.   Heres 2 of the worst pots i lost but there were plenty more :(

1) 1/2plo   Q5ss77 in BB, sb is huge loser fish and all fold to him and he tops up.
Flop is A74 with 2 spades, he check raises my pot bet and i repot it.  So a pot of $4 is now in the region of $78 after he had called my bet. 
Turn is 6x and he instant leads pot, i move allin for $160 total and he calls.
River is a blank spade and he shows up with A6ss88.

2) This is same table and less than 5minutes after the hand 1) above
Reg (with a big win rate of between 5-10BB/100) utg raises to $5.50 i think it was , same fish above calls in sb and im in bb with QQ44 (1 suit but not relevant to how hand pans out) and decide to reraise it pot or near pot. Both call and pot is now around $60+
Flop is QJ7 rainbow , i bet 48$ reg flat calls and fish folds.
Turn is a blank rag (no flush draws now) and i move allin for approx $140.  Reg takes time but eventually calls.
River is a 9x and ship to the reg ( 4outs) that had J,7,10,8.  

Im sure if i keep playing like most of today it will turn as i definitely was more on the ball than normal generally.  Just could do with a bit more luck to keep me keen.


Anonymous said...

Why has he played Hand 1 badly ? just a cooler no ?


Robert "Animal" Price said...

valid point, remember i dnt claim to be an expert plo player in any form. i only really break even in modern times and use it to earn rake during promos etc.

imo 2) is much more of a cooler, although the guy murders the hand imo by not raising the flop he has no idea where he is on turn and doesnt put any pressure on me with an AAxx type hand.

1) is 100% not a cooler , esp against a fish callin station that rarely makes big bluffs. the fact its an unraised pot totally polarises his hand type once he flat calls my 2nd bet on the flop to straight/flush draws. theres no way he stacks me here unless the spade hits river as it did or his disguised gutshot hits and i dnt fill up on river. if he had a 568xss (or As56xs) type hand and all money went in on flop i would agree with u but in an unraised pot unless the draw is massive its never a cooler imo. if he limped aces here its a cooler and i pay off 100% of time obviously.

my general point is both players totally murdered the betting side of the hand the way they played it and both got very lucky rivers in both situations. in 2) if he chk calls the turn i only bet 75%ish of pot and he sees river cheaper and gives me a chance to escape.

hope the waffle makes some sense, like i say im certainly no expert so its just my opinion. thx the for comment anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a PLO player but like hand analysis. I agree both spots they butchered the way they played their hand (particularly 2 which is awful.

I assume you use an odds calculator so is he not a favourite on the flop in hand 1 to get it in ? Yeah, pre flop he should be raising BvB with his hand right ? but post flop it seems fine to me.

ermmmm...deep in a WSOP PLO tourney and makes a living from playing it = not a great PLO player...I'd take that !!!


Robert "Animal" Price said...

nah hardly ever use an odds calc in plo as knw stuff roughly and just try to gamble if its marginal in my head. (only ever use one after a hand to see odds sometimes)

i might stick in it odds for interest in mo. but heres my rough estimates for 1) Flop ill go for 65/35 me, Turn 75/25 me. yes if he raises pre he wins pot but if i was playin a solid reg i would fold that hand every time from sb as out of position.

Generally in a raised pot this is an easy allin with his hand and ideally u want to try and get fold equity by playin the hand strong as u still have to hit. As mentioned unraised pot preflop changes a lot the way i play and see it though.

Odds Calc says:
Flop 60.82/39.18 me
Turn 70.02/29.98 me

/damn i wrote 60/40 but changed it !!! too greedy. close enough though ;)