Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Once Again....

That didnt last long.   Back in the loss for £434   :((
Had a good afternoon winning ~£200  but evening went much worse dropping ~£600.  I did lose a  buyin on 5/10hi lo but recovered on that site running well on 1/2 plo.  Worst damage was on another site where a bad run saw me lose pot after pot in a short space of time.  Wasnt much i could do about it though and done reasonable volume in total so hopefully that can prop my figures up once again.  Im not annoyed at all unusually just a bit gutted.  Every time i take a shot or semi-shot at higher games i just seem to run awful.  This is now quite a few months of it online.  At end of day as long as i dnt lose too much like i said rakeback will prop me up and hopefully the good times will return soon, twas a golden first 4 months of the year and it would be nice to get back to something resembling that.  Promotion on my main site dnt look good for nxt month as its purely based at mtts.   Sometimes they run a cash games one alongside that sort of promo though so im still crossing fingers right now.

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