Friday, August 31, 2012

And Finally...... (Aug Figures)


Sorry i needed that although i do seem to have finally mellowed a bit from a few hours ago.   Had one of, if not my worst (this year) online day today (could still go back on but not planning to).   Just got destroyed mostly on plo against some huge fish.  Annoyed the hell out of me as i had like 1 losing day since last post, 1 or 2 break evens and lots of steady or good wins.  Prior to 8 hours ago i was at peak of just over £1,000 profit for August having spent 75% of the month in the loss.   Fast fwd to now and i basically lost about £1,600 before cashing in some rakeback ---->  -£467   :((

Uncashed rakeback amounts to over £1,000 but thats not the point as i never include it until i finally cash it in.   So unless i do go on later its officially my 3rd losing month in a row which ive never done before.   On the plus side its a small loss covered by rakeback, a bit similar to last month.  On the down side i really could do with a promotion to focus me next month but theres nout visible on the horizon.  

Volume for August wasnt bad in end ($3,400 gross rake on main site) considering i didnt play more than 4 hours max a day while the Olympics was on.  Trojan attack messed with my desktop and my brain mid month and just could get anything going , especially when sitting on higher end of the stakes.

Its weird how a few hours and 1 session can change your mindset and motivation but could be a tough few days coming.  I was doing well volume and profit wise last couple days especially.  Not sure what ill do , prob just start a fresh tommorrow.  Hoping to take a few shots at WCOOP this month, esp hi lo. Prob give other mixed games a miss though as i just dnt fancy taking the $200+ hits when im struggling to just make a few $ of late.     Arrrrrrrgh so annoying just when everything seemed to be fitting into place in both poker and non poker ARRRRRRRRRRgh.  :(

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