Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept So Far

Lost £400 odd the first day on an awful run.  Think i lost 5 allins preflop in row at one point on pl hi lo which could be a record for me.   A reasonable rake promotion started on the 3rd though so after a day off i wasnt quite sure how to attack it.

I began thinking i might do 10hrs a day for 28 days straight but knew this was unlikely especially at this time of year.  After 2 full days i gave up on that and just did 5/7 days of the first week at that pace.  Fortunately its split into 4 weeks so i can vary week on week but ive gone down the half the rake now but spread over 7 days instead of 5 this week.   So last week i raked over $2,500 to get a $400 bonus added to my balance.  This week all being well i will rake over $1,750 to get a smaller bonus but at a similar %rakeback value.

Back a week ago i played the $215 PL hi lo 6 max WCOOP on stars (i immediately rebuy and lasted to addon so was in for $615 total) .  After a final table last time i hoped again for good things but began slowly and couldnt seem to push on.  That said i was patient but only because i was 6-8tabling for the above rake promtion at the same time. It was very difficult to watch what was goin on all the time.  When i finally began to push things as blinds went up it went more my way and i managed to get my stack right up, often without showdown, apart from busting 1 or 2 shorter stacks.  I was actually never allin covered and called right until my bust which was around 120th/500+ which paid around 80 if i remember right.   I did get to average stack with about 150 left but just went backwrds from there, still was a good run i guess.

Obviously the above dented my month but most days overall were fairly steady profit wise.  Still had some bad sessions but there were often preceded or followed by good ones.   Im now sat on +£674 for Sept which doesnt sound brilliant but given the above start and mtt i should be really happy with, especially with the rakeback points racking up as well.   Its kind of nice to be back on just 1 site (except that sole mtt and 1st Sept) and hopefully i can keep focus and just keep things progressing.

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