Friday, September 28, 2007

GUKPT London Confirmed

Managed to win a $2,500 package (cant be bothered to go into details) so i will be playing in the £1,050 live event which runs from Oct 16th - Oct 21st in London Victoria Grosvenor casino. Its got 3 x day 1 due to demand (tues-thurs). Hopefully i will get one of the latter ones in case i make day 2, but i wont know this for a few days yet. Itching to play some live poker again and hopefully i can have a good enjoyable run in it , result or not. I know i could have and maybe should have played more of these GUKPT events (after Cardiff) but i havent fancied the rebuy subs, often the only subs available but what the heck 2 of them aint bad anyway.

In response to the amatay question re: aussie and CPC, i have qualified for the aussie trip. The cpc at the moment is just me paying for it as a holiday/business trip cos its a damn good trip to go on ( and ive booked a week extra before the poker starts to make sure i fully chill out ! ) .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Moving On Up In The World

Up north that is. Northern Scotland will be my poker base for the next 2 weeks. I will still probably be playing as much as normal as my diary is listed with games most days anyway, thats assuming my laptop and connection up there are ok ;) Im thinking of it more as a change of scene than a holiday in the hope that i dont put on the usual 1/2 stone in weight that i do most years when i go there. Not been playing much the last few days and no play tommorrow as 12+hours on the road. Usual silly hangover today = waste most of the day , 1 day i will learn to just slow up a bit at the end of my night rather than drink faster as i know the nights ending ! Sleep soon, must rise around 6am which is currently the middle of the night for me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Can You Stop ******* Up Please

Thats either this piece of **** laptop or piece of **** internet connection. I aint in the ******* mood and i know its gonna cost me fair soon if it hasnt already. Away in couple days for change of scene but still be playing poker anyway so at least on a diff connection i might know if its connection or computer. Temper came from nowhere at end of the night, note to self dont play limit tired u will explode if u run like a **** which i did and it probably aint good for ya in long run. GG WP VUL

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Since Sunday

Several steady results but nothing huge, went out of mansion Sunday 88 vs QQ to have gone 5th/300ish on a monster stack. tonight lost AQstd vs JJ to go 10th/40odd but cashed and also have cashed yesterday in an ok multi but AK vs 99 failing to improve to go 5/19. Strange how after just 2-3 ok results my mindset has changed and i dont mind failing at the last hurdle. Just dont wanna get a long run of these again. Its not fun one bit but playing through it seemed to work in the end. Hopefully i will grow with that but i still have a silly short fuse after some pots and cant hold back.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Result

2nd/153 in a game for £2500, wont mention details as i dont wanna advertise it. Anyway looking at it the positive way i was 39/43 at one point and 10th/10 at the final table so its great. I did have 22 vs AJ to win it for £1300 more and A5 vs 99 for 70-75% chips in play HU but i aint gonna dwell on the only negative part. Appears my luck has turned and its good to get back in the winnings again after such a tough period.

Although i obviously am happy i was very annoyed with this pot earlier below which would have took me to 5th/170 (bb 300 at time) on 55k stack in the $1050 GC game (20k starting stack). I was left on 4k and managed to get up to 14k again b4 going so card dry and eventually busting A5 vs QJ for an 18k pot.

early raiser to 800 and caller 800, im in sb and make it 3123 (both others have circa 20k, im 24k) with AA. both call and the flop is 654 (2 hearts) i bet 6k which is called then other guy moves in for 17k total, i know he could have trips but the allin was instant and i knew he didnt and called almost as fast, other guy folded. he shows A4hh , gr8 call preflop and to think i would fold on the flop is beyond belief imo. Well his 45% draw hit a 4 on the river and it wasnt to be.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another OK Cash But Just Short

$109 Headhunter finishing 3rd/178 for $1578 , really not sure what to make of that one. Nasty place to finish especially when i had over 50% chips 3 handed at one point before AK ran into KK preflop , sick i had the loosest image ever and it was as unfoldable as would ever be despite the obvious reraise preflop from the tight guy !

Had luck both ways in this to extremes. Started out with worst hands possible for over an hour i think i saw 1 or maybe 2 flops and thats ridiculous for someone like me ! Blinded right out then hit AA vs A10,,,, KQstd vs AJ,,,, JJ vs AK for my first head and then never looked back. Next sick luck turn camewhen 11 left though , having just continue bet and bet the turn in an sb vs bb battle with 10,7 off on an A,9,2,x board and won it i raised the button with 10s next hand and the bb guy (now in the sb) moves in (likely tilt as i aint foldin in a headhuneter ne2 here) with A3off and spikes an ace. That would have put me 1st/10 on monster stack and it probably affected my final table decisions when i doubled up a guy with 99 on a J10x flop thinking he had AQ or AK but he had KK. I then got some reverse luck and doubled through again. Once we got 5 or 6 handed it upped a gear as it was fairly deepstacked but i couldnt seem to get the perfect spots and relied on some well timed bluffs until i finally caught a hand or 2. That was it really until the AK hand above which i will say sickened me again, its not so bad if u have been playing tight and waiting for a hand but to see that after the agression i had shown was very disheartening. Unfortunately also 3 handed the rock guy gave chips for free to the short stack and that prevented me from guaranteeing 2nd place. Got $1000 for 3rd but $2k and $3k + heads obviously for other positions is very gutting to say the least.

Anyway its more cash its another result of sorts and my luck was probably level overall in the end in it given the wild extremes either way so i will b ok bout it i think. Better get bed gotta be up in 4hrs for golf......hard life aint it.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Just Happened !!!

Another 11th last night in a decent game and a few crucial flips not going my way last night and tonight right at the business end.

Anyway it has finally come good of sorts, it may not be a big big WIN but hopefully the 205 player $22 Headhunter i just WON will finally signal the end of this run ive been one. $950 is not massive but its definitely a big chunk of bankroll to work with and i can relax and enter more regular games that i should be in anyway without worrying about grinding quite so much.

POSITIVE thinking from here ? Well be interesting to see if this has a significant effect on future results and future moods swings and you can be sure either way it will appear on here whichever way it goes from here !

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sept So Far

Nothing too exciting to report im afraid. Generally have dropped stakes in a lot of games with a few good value decent buyins mixed in. Cashed in 3 decent mtts (300-600entrants) but all just money or double money back. My luck deserts me at the end of mtts still and i now lose confidence waiting to get done over rather than enjoying it whichever way the result goes. Cash games also lower stake have gone ok and covered mtt buyins nicely, yesterday i actually ran well and im prob now a few hundred £ up for the month. Nothing major but better than a loss or level and obviously a little spare to enter 1 or 2 bigger games. Still moody at the tables without biting my tongue often which aint helping my game or my mood away from the tables.

Anyway i will continue the grind and see what happens. Also quite possibly a holiday at the end of Sept which i know would be very good for me for sure.

.............................................................later update

ah man its just so sick the pokergods could not be taking the piss anymore. decent stack in mansion and folds 10s pre (AA and KK out there),10 hits of course. If i was on tilt or shit i would have been leader of the 1000+ player game 33% stack more than 2nd placec with 200 players left but instead i drip chips off and end up bubbling 14 places from the 138 places paid.

that aint the true pisstake neway here it is, 72 players GUKPT sat and i finish 3rd with 2 seats available. With 6 or 7 left i got a double off idiot and went from rock to dominating the table, that is until only player 5 handed that can do me damage has AA when i overraise with QQ !!! . Was about joint 2nd/5 then and hung in playin good push poker targeting the right players and picking right spots all time. To cut an already too long story short with 3 left i was targeting the other short stack so i would be in a seat position if i got a lucky double. from me it was push push push, from him it was fold fold fold fold fold. Then finally at blinds of 1200/2400 i stick 32k allin with 10s from the button and he calls me with 88 and spikes an 8. I cant help but go nuts and i get the usual "im a good player, ive won these b4 and finished high in one of the live events bullshit" . Well yeh buddy that dont make u a good player, in fact you played like a wet fish the whole game and were the tightest player at the table and so easy to get free chips from. I laugh at the lucky rocks that think they are so much better than they are, note to you rocks u will win but it dont make u a great player especially when it comes to true short handed poker in a pressure situation. Fortunately luck is a big factor in poker and its why many many players will always rate themselves high (myself inc. i guess sometimes) and why there will always be money in this poker lark. Pokergods please smile on me soon and stop taking the piss out of me u hav now reached an all time high for sure.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Review

Enough said already.

Loss: £2,824

But won approx £5,000 worth of package to Australia in January 2008 and also a $1050 seat in an online game a week or so into September

Bring On September !!!