Friday, November 30, 2007

Poker Fun Continues

Well the $440 (4000 chips) went pretty much as scripted i guess. Played my best poker of the week, enjoyed it loads and stack went up and down to a massive extent as normal. So so so many pots i could put on here and i will try to remember them all.

First hand i call a utg min raise (25/25) on button with 45off and bb calls. Flop 45K i dont get outdrawn and raise flop and bet every street (jack turn, river 2) big against bb who cant fold the king, immediately 1500 chips up.

Get the desired image similar to the $330, in a lot of pots and spoke to jimmy "eyesight" on break who was at my table and he said he really didnt have a clue what holding i had all the time which was good to know. I bluffed some pots and got called and mucked but then got paid on 1 or 2 i did hit. Without any premium preflop hands (except 10s level 3 that easy muck preflop for 100) my stack yoyo from 4500-7000 first 3 levels and break i think i had 6 or 6500. Was sitting tighter then the first major key hand came against awful player on return at 100/200:

Limp AK 200 utg, utg+1 calls utg+2 lady makes it 1000, back to me make it 3000 total (playing about 6000) and she calls. Flops J65 allin she calls instantly AQ and i hold to go to 12k+ .

Next key hand next level with antes im bb, utg limps scandie button 1000, i make it 4000 to go total (scandis has 6500 and i know this and dont really want action). He takes a while then says ok lets gamble and moves in. He has JJ and holds against my AK, gutted at that point as definitely would been prob top 5 chipleader (141 entries) with over 3 x average stack 20k. Still 6500 (average) left and a couple of big slicks and resteal vs scandie pushed me back up to 10k within the next few levels (just above average).

I then lost 4000 playing JJ utg cute limping and losing to scandie who obv had a full house, wont go into detail but i was 100% happy with how i bet and played the hand to get information i needed to not lose more chips.

So another round and im shove poker desperate and finally get JJ utg when i was looking for any medium push to be honest. I shove 4000 or just over and bb takes ages, im thinking he doesnt have 2 overcards and i want call so when i clock it hoping call he does instantly but turns over KQ !!! , board comes QQ3xJ and im alive with a river.

I then go into card lucky mode and knock a couple of players out in next 20 mins with big slick and 10s and cos of the shove poker play i increase to a healthy 25,000 chips (double average and chippie at my table) .

It doesnt last though as 44 gets overraised just enough to let go, then i get 44 in my 800 bb when a 3400 is allin utg and i prob callin any 2 cards, he has 55. So many hands play themselves at this point and some would argue i could fold the next one but the next pot was huge key:

400/800 my sb and shortie 3500ish allin mid and russian cocky sort allin 7000 button. I have AQ and ive 12000 left if i lose this pot, obviously massive if i win it. Make the call shortie has J8 or sommat but russian has KK, im still drawing very live but no help comes and im knocked back as quickly as my stack had got big :(

Return after dinner with 11200 at 600/1200, 28 left pays to 18. Payout is so top heavy i couldnt care less about cashing but obviously would creep in if the opportunity arrived. But not to be as i folded 87off first bb hand then 6 handed i look at K4 in the sb folded to me and i shove as bb only has 6500 total. He has 77, again im live to hit but no such chance and im crippled on 3000 ish. Shove few hands later K8std to the good scandie players bb who is priced in to call. He shows 10,5off and the board comes 4,6,7,10,Q and im a goner.

After much disappointment and 10mins of fuming outside, i know i couldnt have played much diff. In the end the hands that almost played themselves lost me 4 preflop allins in a row which in any multi is just too much no matter how good you are.

BTW see Azimuts poker blog for some poker stories including the 7.4 earthquake that lasted 15 seconds or so in that $440 multi. MP3 player in and half asleep i didnt even notice but wondered why there were worried looking faces and a few people ran for the doors.

As Azimut told me proudly he made it outside through the doors as quick as possible. The expression on his face when i told him thats the worst thing you can do in an earthquake (cos of possible falling debris) was a picture though. He may still have been safer than me sat under a swaying chandelier though wondering wtf everyone was doing !!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LOL Set No Good Joke Game

Well i decided to play the $330 game, 3000 starting chips 30mins clock 25/25 first level. After losing a few hundred bluffing the first hand i got up to maybe 3400 before this hand 15-20mins into the level:

33 utg+1 call 25 , french (normal type) min raises to "cinqante" or 50 to those non french people. Began licking my lips already as figured him for a hand but just awful player. Call button then sb makes it 275 total to play. Def the right odds here so i call and so does the french guy and the button. Flop is 10,5,3 with 2 diamonds, sb makes the clever check with the overpair looking to check raise (advanced stuff here, unreal how easy this table was to read after only a few minutes). I lead for 325 and my french friend moves allin 3000ish immediately. button folds and sb takes 1 minute or so figuring ahead of frenchie and prob not too worried about me as i bet the flop so couldnt have a set. He then moves in too and its on their backs. 33 vs french JJ vs sunglasses (lookin cool and obviously help) QQ. Both have a diamond so i ask the dealer for no third diamond on the turn to scare me. He obliges by chucking the jack clubs down much to the delight of the frenchie no style shouting twat. A blank river and im left on 800 chips winning the tiny side pot while frenchie picks up another 9000ish for his top play, inspired. I bust shortly after on a 1700 pot AK vs QQ which i knew had bout 1% chance of winning. Table was so so easy to read and knew exactly where i was in most hands i played , sick as would luved to have had a 10,000 stack at 25/25 again more fun than the money which was miles off but hey as i said before i had 8 day lucky streak before st kitts so i guess i had it coming. Best bit bout the bust, 1 hour of beach bonus.

So my form continues, playing some great poker and getting nout from it. Definitely not playing the supersatellite tonight now as would have less starting chips than the $330 game which i know i cant handle. So cash or stts , probably some beers and rum punches. Funds $ are worryingly low but azimut informs me i can get some from my crypto account if i need it. Dunno if thats a good thing or not !!!

Sick Again

$220 supersatellite. 8 x $6300 seats with $1500 and $1000 to 9th and 10th. I survived JJ vs AQ and 99 vs AK allin preflops for my tourney but held my own the rest of the time on what was a lot of shove poker towards the end. Then comes the bust hand which pissed me off so much.

19 left 6 handed blinds 800/1600 ante 200. Playing about 11,500 and average is 18,000. Our table is fairly short stacked compared to the others but obviously the key is to sustain a stack near average uncalled if possible. No one had called allins for ages and nearly all shoves were getting through. Folds to me in cutoff and i shove in with A4off. Dumb scandie in sb calls fairly quickly for almost all his chips with KJstd. My eyes almost pop out when i see im ahead preflop but obviously hate the call and know just how bad it is given the situation. Well the jack flops and the deserved king comes on the river. I congratulate the twit, i think my words were " thats a ******* awful call what exactly did u think u were ahead off ? " before i storm off and curse a lot more for 5-10mins. Felt so sick and still do now ive woke up, if i bust a few players before i wouldnt have been so bad. Knowing it was almost last 18 and knowing i bust for a pot to go above 26,000 (or i had 16,000 if dummy folded KJ) on what was a tight table is not easy to take. I really was beginning to think it was my night. I know i would love to play the main event out here now im here but it remains to be seen if i will enter another satellite after that heartache. For the record i spent $220 and just had the addon this time for another $200.

Prob go for more punishment in 90mins for the $330 freezeout :(

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Classic Animal Hangover

As expected i had way way too many drinks last night. I would estimate about 5 rum punches mixed with 10-15 bottles of beers but really ive got no idea. Suffered today and havent played the $200 2pm game as a result.

I lost another wad on cash yesterday online before going down, fish are getting the better of me of late, just hope it turns back soon. Anyway i played the supersatellite and spent $420 with a rebuy only to be fished out of a huge pot on level 2 with under an hour gone. I was more annoyed not to have the fun element of playing for longer in it than the possible seat itself but i soon moved to a cash table and ended up about $50 up 7 hours later going to bed about 6:30am. Sat bust pot below:

25/50 i call after utg limper with QxJh and button calls with blinds in too. Flop is AxKh10h and i bet 175 which button fish girl makes it 500. I go allin about 2400 and she instant calls with her unmissable Qh5h holding the same stack. I swear when heart hits the turn then immediately tell the dealer if im not covered gimme a penalty for doing so but it was all over anway. Only 1000+1000 starting stack so pot was a very very good size to have had some fun with if it held up. Never mind, its looking like i will try again at 8pm tonight but my confidence levels aint too great live unless im drunk which im definitely not gonna be tonight.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Temporary Downswing Or End Of Lucky Streak

After that aussie millions package slipping away i played some live 2/5 yesterday. Ended up losing $1125 but i missed every draw and every set, just one of those sessions. 3 big pots which could have brought me almost level if i won any of them but the gods were not smiling. I was probably being impatient too and possibly didnt play as well as i could. Anyway after an hour or so break i moved to 1/2 and managed to lose another $150, but still managed to fold my AQ on my last hand of the night and save $53. Despite the pot being $253 on the river, i made an instant fold when dc pushed $100 into the pot on a AxAd8d10xJd board and he showed A10. Maybe i didnt play as bad as i thought but ran awful and really didnt get into any stride as such.
Lost a few hundred more online today too.

Anyways a few hundred people arrive later for the poker and the first supersatellite starts at 10pm. Im going to try and put some effort into my poker and its likely i will take my mp3 player to use tonight which maybe i could have done with last night. Still cant quite shake this mild niggling sore throat off which is annoying but surely i will get drunk tonight with all the free welcome party drinks and the busier atmosphere. Also ive eaten way way too much the last few days and done little exercise = piling the weight on for sure.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

In The Right Place To Get Over Sommat Else

40 runners freeroll, win only for $12,000 aussie millions package, i just this minute finished 2nd

:( :(( :( :((

Was a very good structure but despite that working to my advantage i never got the chiplead at the final table and went HU 19k vs 61k. I peaked in chips at 31k but never got ahead and bust allin on the flop with 2 pair but only 2 outs for about a 48k pot. Played out of my skin and was only allin covered and called once before HU and was in excellent shape for that pot too.

Cash earlier covered buyins to other games alongside but the sick sick feeling is all im left with right now. I know i was playing the best player in the freeroll HU which didnt help obviously but still i guess i gave it a good shot anyway and im still way up up on November knocking on many many doors of which some have opened.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finally A Poker Update

Tuesday i played my first online stuff for a few days, just limit low level for 90mins but ran good for $260 profit. Didnt play yesterday but did drink sufficiently enough to try and get over that england result, lets face it im in the best place for that.

Today i played some tournaments as i had the interpoker platinum added value game again ( which i had won the prev 2 weeks :) ) and wanted others alongside it. The interpoker one went well again and i finally finished 2/16 for $1080 ($100 buyin) but i was a bit disappointed to lose this final pot below for 28000 of the 32000 in play:

Game #6386173404: Plat $2K added PLO (ID5796005) $100+$0 - Omaha PL (150/300) - 2007/11/22 - 21:10:45 (UK)
Table "5796005 - 1" Seat 3 is the button.
Seat 1: animalgod (14078 in chips)
Seat 3: Zoomby (17922 in chips)
Zoomby: posts the ante 25
animalgod: posts the ante 25
Zoomby: posts small blind 150
animalgod: posts big blind 300
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to animalgod [3s 6d 8d 9h]
Zoomby: raises to 950
animalgod: calls 650
----- FLOP ----- [9c 5s 6c]
animalgod: checks
Zoomby: bets 1950
animalgod: raises to 7800
Zoomby: raises to 16947 and is all-in
animalgod: is all-in 5303
Returned uncalled bets 3,844 to Zoomby
----- TURN ----- [9c 5s 6c][8s]
----- RIVER ----- [9c 5s 6c 8s][7d]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Zoomby: shows [7s 6s 5c Tc] (A Straight, Ten high)
animalgod: shows [3s 6d 8d 9h] (A Straight, Nine high)
Zoomby collected 28156 from Main pot

Other games i played were a $27 rebuy, bust set vs up down straightdraw allin on flop for huge pot relative to blinds (only $54 paid)

Also betfair $55 where at level 2 i had KK and bumped it right up fish called, he flops flushdraw, i bet 80% pot he calls, turn he hits pair and puts me in after i again bet a commiting 80% of pot and rivers me nicely.

$109 $20k was sick, after good start i dropped to an ok stack then pulled off a great bluff and showed it for image. That worked and guy gave me about 2000 chips or more in a unraised blind battle , bb = 50. I Q2off and flop AQ2 fish goes nowhere with A7, laughable. I then chk a A,10,2 board with 22 in position after utg raiser had checked the 1000 pot. Turn a 6 and now the guy goes allin 4000 with would u believe it A10, great betting and it deserved a river ace to stop me going joint chipleader with half the field a goner. Then lost another pot to the same missing a KQ raise and being chkraised. Crippled i doubled 50/50 and then the fun came. Exit pot i had KK 10 handed and there was AA,QQ and 10s out there !

Still in boring mansion $50 rebuy , bust that and its off to the bar for the evening !!! Profit for night = $600, bit frustrated with some of them pots but playing well and in profit so not to worry.

Morning update: mansion was a nutty rollercoaster as ever, AK ran into aces then my K4 beat 99 crippled. I then flopped a flush and got paid in full by a bluff, next AK vs 97std for a huge pot to go high up the standings. Key pot then lost was AK vs AJ to have gone 4th/75 , had AK vs AQ after for false hope as cards went dry and i lost 10,8 vs KQstd towards the bubble , still for a decent enough pot though if i hit.

Got a bit of a sore throat today so crossing fingers it dont develop into sommat, off to the pool shortly for a couple of hours then its golf this afternoon which im really looking forward to. Im pretty sure this will be the best golf course ive ever played on and it looks so nice from my balcony.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

St Kitts

Arrived safely, flight was ok fortunately with 2 seats to spread out a bit. Just got drunk last night and played 1/2$ cash with the others and a few locals/holiday people for a few hours. Rake a bit obsessive but we were only playing to pass the time so the $100 loss felt like nothing. Spent the whole day on the beach today and i think we are goin off resort for a meal in a couple of hours. Also its lookin like an afternoon of golf tommorrow. Already im well chuffed to be here for a week of chilling out before the hectic poker scene arrives in the 2nd week. Weather = perfect, sun, no cloud, light wind and about 28 degrees ! Also spotted in resort is "Mad Turk" whom some of you may know who has the same idea i did. Right better play some online poker, i dont see me playing much out here at all except a few promotional games.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Crazy Lazy Days

Well what a strange last 10 days (only 5 of which i played any poker on) its been. Gone from almost £1,000 down (thx to cash) to somewhere in the region of £6,000 up (thx to mtt results). England now given a lifeline could still top their Euro2008 table with a 2-0 victory vs Croatia Wednesday (thx to nutty results). I sense that could a very drunk session given kick off will probably be 4pm in St Kitts !

Well im just about packed and ready to head to a gatwick hotel tommorrow. Cant wait to get out there and chill out good and proper. Going into what seems a long awaited lucky streak is great for any poker player, but the timing is excellent for me. I have absolutely no pressure on me in any of the games out there i buy into and if i dont want to play much i dont have to either.

All is good, long may it last !

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time To Pack The Luckbox

I seem to have developed into one of late, had more than my share again tonight to win the interpoker platinum club game again for $2050. Take out the entrance fees of the 5 games i have played tonight and thats another $1600 profit (still in mansion but weak so wont mention unless cash later). A good night but for some reason i was struggling to cope with the 5 games at once tonight. 4 Different softwares didnt help i guess, but i dont think ive struggled like that for months really, just tired from busy couple days i suppose. Anyway long may this lucky streak continue please, even if im lazy and dont really intend to play much the rest of the month !

Note to self, get packing dont leave it till the last minute you lazy **** !

Update 4 hours later 2:16am:

Finished 3rd in Mansion for $5000. Again rode my luck but most of it in coinflips or with the best hand. The sites such a crapshoot these days it aint much proper poker, but fortunately im running hot. I could blog loads here about how unlucky i was 3 handed as at one point i had a big lead and looking good but after 3 lives or so the shorter stacks got me. I guess it just wasnt meant to be but i took a decent chunk home anyway. The only thing i would say is that would have been up in top 5 best days of poker results ive had if i had won it.

So in the space of 4 hours ive gone from "luckbox" to "superfeature luckbox" and $6600 up on the night. Full results for the 5 games i played tonight:

1/21 $100 for $2050
3/307 $54 rebuy for $5000
128/294 $55
147/555 $27 rebuy
151/194 $109

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aint Happy With 6th !

Bust 2 seconds ago and know its a decent result but 6th/184 for $1000 in a $109 game when was chip leader for bit near end again and im honestly quite moody at the moment. Hopefully it will only last a few minutes but i figured i blog on here immediately and get it out of system. Was another rollercoaster game leading it for the first hour before dropping down. Got my luck 10s vs QQ to stay in too b4 the bubble (first time for a while ive outdrawn a higher pp for my tournament life) but got so well stacked near the end im disappointed to finish where i did. I tried to make some stuff happen at the final table and it failed but then i lost a race to go big stack 2nd/5 ....AK vs QQ before shoving going card dead and finally losing K7std vs 88. I made a big fold at that table too with 8 left 10s after a call and a reraise allin. Regret it now a bit mayb should have just gambled but i knew it was a race at best and the allin after a caller looked a lot stronger so was very marginal. Stand by instincts though and i still had 2 or 3 lifes after that, they just didnt help me stay alive. Speaking of folds i had a similar one with the 99 last night in the 40k. It turned out to be a solid correct fold so thinking about that just confirms im happy with my decision more now.

Monday, November 12, 2007

OK Time To Get A Grip

Things appear more positive now ive wound down and i thought i would stick sommat in here after all the negative posts lately. Anything that makes me look more positively at the game should definitely be discussed on here as ive been miserable **** on here lately. Maybe i can learn and gain some more experience for future ups and downs.

That win was my biggest win for just under 3 months, although it was my biggest single cash win for 5 months. It puts me nicely on the road to a good month or a great month and with only 7 days until St Kitts the timing seems excellent for me both personally and professionally.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Preview/Review

Nothing much to report on the poker front for 2 days. Donked some cash off friday afternoon bluffing every street vs a calling station and yesterday i was too hungover to justify playing anything significant. I did enter a freeroll and 2 low stakes subs to test how my head was and cashed in the freeroll but bubbled the other 2 and got the information i was looking for, ie i couldnt play any more after those games.

Minimum 7 games lined up today, although most are promotional freerolls, so without winning them they become worthless really. May well enter a few others alongside those as well, just have to see how hectic it becomes and what i can squeeze in really. Anyway i'll review anything close or interesting below later on.

OK 11:20pm 1 game left and im gettin bored and impatient so might as well blog the rest. Left in the £40k 26/66 pays to 40.

Generally another night of frustratingly good results. Cashed in £40 230 runner earlier for double my buyin. Got close in 2 freerolls for $4000 cpc packges (both had about 60 runners) and i finished 7th in one for $0 (never was stacked though) but 3rd in the other losing KQ vs Q9 to have gone 35k vs 65k vs 20k with a huge chance at fairly crapshoot blinds but got $150 for troubles. Cashed minimum in 1200ish player $60 rebuy on prima again for money back and finished about 125th/850 in mansion (paid 90). Thats about it i think, keep that damn head on and a big win is just round the corner for sure, but keepin head on is easier said than done of late.

20/60 in £40k will post result or update later i guess.

2:27am: Busted 5th, mixed emotions as was big stacked at some points (1/14) but also crippled to 1 big blind at others (29/29) ! Really wanted top 2 to call it a success but spots and cards seemed to dry up at the final table going out QJ vs 10s for a decent enough size of pot. £2,560 puts me back into profit for the month but i will go to sleep wondering what may have been once again, a familiar feeling.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Welcome Victory

Dunno really what change it will or has to my attitude yet im totally and utterly drained after 48 minutes HU omaha.

Game was $100 32 players interpoker platinum club exclusive game so some top players in it, payout was $1880 (im probably about even for the month now). I had some awful luck early in 2 pots and was left on 25% starting stack. Fortunately i got the reverse luck to get back in and seemed to pick the right spots at the final table to make it HU.

23k vs 40k to start so i was prepared to gamble even though blinds were only 150/300. 4 hands in and opportunity came, see below:

Game #6210664684: Plat $1.5K added PLO (ID5795971) $100+$0 - Omaha PL (150/300) - 2007/11/08 - 21:08:26 (UK)
Table "5795971 - 1" Seat 2 is the button.
Seat 2: wingster (37534 in chips)
Seat 6: animalgod (26466 in chips)
wingster: posts the ante 25
animalgod: posts the ante 25
wingster: posts small blind 150
animalgod: posts big blind 300
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to animalgod [7c Ah Ad Tc]
wingster: raises to 600
animalgod: calls 300
----- FLOP ----- [Kh Jh 8h]
animalgod: checks
wingster: bets 900
animalgod: raises to 2400
wingster: calls 1500
----- TURN ----- [Kh Jh 8h][2c]
animalgod: bets 4800
wingster: calls 4800
----- RIVER ----- [Kh Jh 8h 2c][Qc]
animalgod: bets 10800
wingster: folds
Returned uncalled bets 10,800 to animalgod
----- SHOW DOWN -----
animalgod: shows [7c Ah Ad Tc] (A Straight, Ace high)
animalgod collected 15650 from Main pot

Would luv to know what he held, obviously the lower flush or a good set but knowing he didnt have the nut flush i decided to play it strong and gamble. That pot really won me the HU as i chipped away after that and was in 35-40k region for ages before the blinds went up and i won a few pots in a row to hold 53k vs 10k before i won the first preflopper we had.

Like i say not gonna go over the top about this win its only 18xbuyin but it could be the change of course i needed in my head and at the this space !!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Early November Syndrome

Extracts from blog one year ago:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006:
Lazy & Lack Of Motivation To Play Times
I suppose i should have expected it, ive gone into one of my "i cant be assed to play" moods. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts but at the moment i just have little desire so my play will be limited to any value games that i do actually fancy.

Friday, November 10, 2006:
Anything But Poker ?
Following on from the last post ive still hardly played this week. I reckon maybe about 5 hours in total in the last 5 days. I will be playing more next week as i have some value games targeted. Only 2 weeks from St Kitts so its more important i play a few more multis i guess, and i will do this as long as im in a patient mood.

I often look back at profits or blog posts weeks or months ago for motivation or to see how my mood changes but the 2 above extracts only begin to describe how i feel about poker one year later.

I can remember writing those posts and i know i was lazy and arrogant at the time with the "ive won enough for the month so dont need to play" attitude. I never really saw that as a huge problem as ive never been a flat out poker player as a lot of people are and ive always been fairly lazy too.

Currently, however im really not sure whats going on in relation to poker. My lack of enjoyment for the game is probably at an all time low and as a result ive played maybe 60-70mins in the last 3 days in total. This is very unusual for me at the start of a month (without a win) when im not busy away from poker. I just really cant motivate myself to do something that feels too much of a chore at the moment. Luckily for me i have a great holiday planned in 12 days and coupled with some live poker im hoping this will be just the medicine i need. Fortunately im happy with my yearly profit to date but then again this could be part of the lack of motivation to play with no real targets to look at for a couple of months. Whilst this could be true it still doesnt explain why i really cant relax and enjoy most of the games i do play and give them the respect they deserve. Example below sums it up at the moment:

I played some sit & gos earlier for the first time in weeks, figured mtts and cash aint working so worth a shot. 4 x $59 sixpacs at the same time and after 2 ridiculous beats in 2 of them i win 1 and come 2nd in the other.

Results: +$4+$10 rakeback = £7 profit for under an hours play. Nothing to go nuts about but it aint a loss. Thing is i only look at the bigger picture, im livid about the 2 bad beat busts as both were against plays that were as bad as it gets and im pretty unhappy to lose a HU against a simple tight abc player that simply hit more flops at the end of the day.

My attitude stinks at the moment and i really focus on the negative side way way too much. I want to win every game i play which i know is as unrealistic as it gets but still im angry almost every time i lose. It good to be confident and have high expectations but this win only attitude seems to now be the root cause of me losing respect and enjoyment for the rest of the game.

Solution, who knows ? thankfully that holiday is closer. If im to survive and enjoy this game for years to come i need to work on my attitude and get to grips with what i really want to play and what i really want to achieve.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Crap Night Of Poker

Nowhere in anything apart from prima $60 rebuy. 1374 entrants after gettin luck a big pot well away from the money i cruised into the money always top 20 position. Then i lost 3 pots in a row and within 10 minutes i was out in 101st for less than i bought in for. A10 vs 55 to go 5th, K4 vs AQstd to go 8th and exit hand K5 vs AK to go 3rd (resteal and for fun the board came x51010K just to tease me into thinking i couldnt lose 3 pots in a row preflop). Luving this game so much its so great NOT.

combined odds of all 3 above to not win at least 1 of them: 54%x67%x76% = approx 27.5%, great maybe i should just play like a big fat rock and not try to win these things so much from miles out but that would just bore me stupid even more.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nout ******* Less

Good to know november is the same as october = ******* ********

Playing good drunk poker and couple hundred up then 3handed loose donk makes it 4xbb $40 and i move allin from bb with AK for 1000$. He callin immediately with 88 and ace high flop before the 8 hits the turn and $2000 pot lost. Ytf im playin shorthanded stuff when i know i cant take a lost pot like this mentally i hav no idea but what the heck that me down for the month and in a mood for days to come and probably hatrid for the game for days to come and well at the end of the day fuk it i hate this bullshit game anyway , lets face it its as ******* boring as pretty much anything else you are forced to do to earn a living, maybe i will just go back to being a lazy **** and only playin poker when i really feel i need too. Yeh longest sentence possible but **** punctuation and **** poker its all ********.


One of them days

gambled like **** earlier and lost £300+ before reverse variance or whateva and breaking even or so.

then went out and got pissed up and hense state now, no poker as of yet thanks the best scouser eva created called pirus, extract below:

Pirus says:
i bought 2 pizzas and 2 chciken and chips

Pirus says:
i ate the 2 pizzas, woke up the next day went to the sink to get water, i seen my pizzas thrown up in the sink, i didnt even knew i had been sick

he is a savage Savage of the best type and i cant wait till i see him again in a foreign climate and entice his white body out to see some sunlight for the first time in years

Thursday, November 01, 2007


As expected i passed the £150,000 net profits from poker mark in October. Records began in Nov 2004 so thats exactly 3 years its taken to reach that. Its important i mention these landmarks as im often such a moody **** its good to remind myself its all +ev in the long run unless i lose my head in a serious way.

Only 18 more days until i hit that Caribbean. Currently i cant wait but what about the 18 days to go. Well im hoping to play as much poker as i can. I was thinking in an ideal world it would be good if i could get a decent profit before i hit St Kitts so that im very comfortable staking myself into some nice chunky live games out there. But then take out the 3 days i know im gonna be out drinking and not forgetting hangovers affecting my playtime there is plenty to distract me away from poker b4 then. Nov could be a lean month potentially and im kind of prepared for it if it ends up being that way. At the end of the day all my focus is on having a good crack in the caribbean and anything else is a bonus really.

No Goals for November except to have good times !!!